grrfeisty: cuppycakes and travel plans

Sunday, February 6, 2011

cuppycakes and travel plans

 earlier this week i made some cupcakes for my co-workers.
 do the colors look familiar? ;)
i've got some big plans this week!
Today [Sunday] - Monday I will be in Austin for a conference.
I return to Houston Monday night and 2 days later I am off to Winter Park, Colorado!

Many, many glorious pictures to come!


  1. Those cup cakes look delish!! And they look like a lot of fun to make! Hope you have a great time at the conference! Also, a safe trip to Winter Park!

  2. Those are so pretty! MY birthday is on Valentines day. Someone needs to make them for me :)

  3. Love the cupcakes, they are so pretty! Have fun at the conference and at Winter park. Seriously, if you eat some really awesome food... take an extra bite for me!! =D


  4. OMG I LOVE YOU!!!! send me some cupcakes!

  5. Okay, you totally look like a magazine model in the second photo. Amazingness!

  6. Cute cupcakes:)

    Have a great week!

    Oh and I'm passing on a Stylish Blogger Award to you:

  7. danielle- thank you for all your sweet words! :D

    bethany- ooo happy birthday!!

    kinsey- haha i took like 50 extra bites for ya :)

  8. emily- haha they might get kinda smushed! haha

    alicia- aww so sweet. thanks! :D

    laura- thank you 2x!! :D