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Monday, January 17, 2011

a year of photobooth in about 3 minutes.

shot using my macbook and imac between mid january 2010 - mid january 2011
music: welcome home by radical face

[this is actually quite interesting...i'm also kinda excited that i did NOT make the exact same expression in every photo. YAY!]


  1. alycia- :D it was really cool to make...i noticed a lot of interests developing!

    victoria- haha and conceited maybe? but i thought this was too cool not to post! :D

  2. ahahaha. those were just terrific.

    btw, i LOVE the dino button. i just added it to my blog! cuuuute!


  3. Aw, this is so awesome! And you're such a fun gal! I think I just fell in love with the song you used for this video as well.

    And I love your new dinosaur button as well! I'm gonna swap it to that one on my blog right now.

  4. how creative!!

  5. jessica- hooray! i made it into a wearable button but only thought about making it a blog button last night :D

    katie- radical face is such a chill band! really love 'em :)
    and hooray!! glad you like it!

    angela- thank you! ;)

  6. oh now this was awesome!! loved it!

  7. I love the cute!

    So I just realized something, I bought something from you at the Antidote Craft fair. I bought that little ceramic owl I had posted on my page. I'm stupid and only realized it because I just found the little button you gave me to go along with it.

    I'm slow. :)

  8. Thank you, Kinsey :D

    b- ha! That's crazy! You know I remember you bc you bought my last owl...but I can't remember your face exactly after I examined your blog some more :)

    Jenny- ;) !

  9. I think you are so wonderful! I love the music, and all your pictures.

  10. this was so fun! and how awesome to see your pup growing up! great music choice too. ;)

  11. That was so cool! You are too cute Roxy.

  12. ali- aww thank you girl! <3 radical face :D

    ab- i noticed that, too! how big osa gets....ahhh the little girl! and thanks! it's my fave song by them :)

    lora- thank you! you back in the states yet? :)

  13. that video is too cute. you're the queen of funny faces ^^

  14. i love it! you are so fun!


  15. You are too awesome!! Haha. loved it!

  16. b- thanks, lady! ;)

    holly- no you aaarrreee :D

  17. love this song! Yay radical face!

  18. i must say this video was fabulous!! :)

  19. thank you, ely! :D

    you rock, christine!