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Thursday, January 6, 2011

if i do say so myself

sometimes i take some pretty sweet pup pics :D
these are from almost two years ago.
do not be fooled. this puppy is not osa. osa did not even exist yet :)

and these little ones are from 2008.
sigh.....when life is rough, stare at some cute puppies :)
and maybe kiss them a little bit!!


  1. Oh. My. Goodness.

    I could take pictures of puppies all day long. Lucky, lucky you!

    I've never been out to the Heights First Saturday, but if this is what it is like, I will never miss another one!

  2. brandi- when daniel and i lived in the heights for a year, we were right across the street from the puppy adoptions. it was awesome! :D

  3. I go to the animal shelter sometimes. They have 2 cat rooms where the cats just roam around in there. I likes to go play with them :)

  4. bethany!- adorable! i tried to volunteer once but they never replied :(

  5. I, how much I love puppies! :) I miss the time when my dog was as tiny as those! :)

  6. I love dog pictures, I always wonder if people get sick of me posting about my dogs, but I never get sick of other people doing it so maybe it's ok!

  7. I love puppy faces...I just want to squeeze them, they are so cute!

  8. lu- i agree! i miss when osa was teeny tiny! it was just a few months ago!

    tara- i love your dog posts!! but i think we are kinda biased ;)

  9. dixie- :D

    leyla- i want to kiss every pup ever! :D

  10. So friggin adorable. Thanks for sharing.


  11. danielle- :D

    maria- i want to smush my face in their furr! hahhaa