grrfeisty: November 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

roller derby adrenaline rush UPDATE :D

guess what started back this week?? ;) yay roller derby!
did i mention i am an official machete bettie?? because i am!!
 [ that's the houston rec league team :) ]
do you know what that means? i get to hit people now! or dodge people trying to hit me!
it's awesome!

AND i scrimmaged tonight for the 2nd time.
let me tell you about my first time. i jammed twice, but i didn't realize how TIRED i'd get going full speed for so long. and how much effort it took to get back up after a giant shove! one of the girls saw me struggling towards the end and whipped me - it was great :)

tonight was amazing. i actually looked around to see what was happening and what needed to happen!
i blocked with team mates, pushed girls, blocked jammers - i'm still going crazy off the adrenaline!
as a jammer i did a lot better tonight. i was lead jammer both times, and someone even commented on my ducking and weaving!
i can't wait to get my endurance up so i can last longer and take more beatings! 

and if all that isn't exciting enough, i am working on some tshirt designs!
[ you can't tell, but i'm saying, "ehhhyy!!" like the fonz ;) ]
thanks to some customer feedback i have started screen printing the mustachasaurus :)

and if any of y'all have any derby name ideas...please share!
feisty fox? feisty frenzy?
tricera-rox? roxic avenger?
how do i STILL not have one?!
thank you kindly :)

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

a very HP Giveaway ;)

I have known this lady for years through LiveJournal - she's always got extremely creative ideas, photos, and the BEST .gifs!

Hello.  I'm Mary Rebecca--a crafter from Atlanta, GA. My ETSY is filled with jewelry + accessories and my blog will soon be filled with my daily adventures, art projects, and a cat or two.
I'm so excited that Roxy is allowing me to have my first giveaway on her blog--thank you Roxy :D
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so this is christmas... :)

this is the first house i've ever wanted to decorate for the holidays :)
[my family travels to miami every year for we've never decorated much!]

i really need one of those "a house divided" ornaments ;)

mini tree in the front room :)

osa will probably just get coal. hahaha ;)

anyone listening to christmas music 24/7 on pandora?? :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

heart houston :)

thanks to this lovely lady, daniel and i went exploring in our old neighborhood. apparently you can live somewhere for a year, and be completely unaware of hidden treasures :)

daniel loves houston twice as much as i do... :)

my trip to austin made me miss living there oh-so-much!
but there are a lot of reasons why i love houston, texas.

*click on the photos to see them with the full "N"*

friends and photos :)

a couple friends of mine are engaged :)
as usual, i volunteered to take some fun photos!
disclaimer: i do not consider myself professional in the slightest. i just like taking cutesy photographs of people i love.  i had never worked in such funky weather [cloudy and overcast and EW] so please pardon any color mishaps during my editing. :)
thanks glenn and diana for having so much patience as i bossed you two around :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

craft riot goodies :D

i love my etsy austin shirt :)
 it's quite soft...and quite true!

i realize i've shown you my bear hat before...but i can't get over how adorable it is.
thanks again, renee, for one of my favorite craft riot souvenirs!

speaking of roboroku, i brought this little goodie back as well :)

 and my bestie, maria, also painted a few sewing machines...laaarve

now these babies...i bought a few of.

and my booth neighbor had SUCH cool christmas ornaments!!

 too much TX pride? ;) NEVAH!
i admired this necklace for a couple days before i bought awesome!

and last, but certainly not least! i met the lovely jennifer on the first day. i wanted the necklace she was wearing, but it had sold, so she made one for me THAT night and brought it in the following day.
SO SWEET. and i love it so :)

by now you may have noticed...i have a thing for handmade/artsyfartsy necklaces :)

what is your favorite handmade item??

Thursday, November 25, 2010

twins ;)

roxy: "wanna put wigs on and go play outside?"
sandy: "what?? NO."

go mom!

i hope you are also having a blast with your family during this most awesome time of year :)
happy thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

etsy austin craft riot

i cannot express to you what an amazing time i had at the craft riot this weekend. i met so many awesome people, purchased so many amazing goodies, and got to hang out with some of my favorite people!
my booth partner was the lovely allison of etsy houston.
i modeled, and later purchased, that cute little petticoat [from her] ;)
allison of swish!
just next door to us was my bestie, maria :)
her paintings and bottle caps were ALL the rage!

one of the coolest ladies i had the pleasure of meeting was renee!
renee and i were e-friends at first, until we discovered we were both doing craft riot.
and she was crazy nice and got us matching bear hats because of all the things we have in common :D

thanks so much to etsy austin for letting us be a part in such a fun show. there was a constant flow of people, everyone was so nice, and it was really inspiring to see how "together" their organization was.
for me, one of the best parts, was seeing how excited both guys and girls became when i told them about the Bipolar Bunnies and Mustachasauruses.  Hearing Allison's dad, and a couple other guys, go around saying "grrrr...feisty!" was also a load of laughs :)

and also - i am such a jerk. one of my bestest friends let me crash at her place for the weekend.
and yet, this is the ONLY photo i have of her. I AM A JERKFACE.
i <3 my weezy.

stay tuned...i'm showin' off some craft riot purchases next!

[don't forget to check our my packaging tutorial! ;) and maybe even leave a little comment love!]