grrfeisty: September 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

blurry photo fest!

tonight at derby, i finally dorked out and asked a friend of mine to take my photo :)
we jumped over some hurdles. i'm bad at estimating [for shame, math specialist!], but i want to say the tallest foam hurdle thing was a little over a foot?
perhaps 1.5 feet?
i was super proud of myself!
[even if i had some trouble stopping afterwards...]

okay, i'm about to hop into bed, but had to show off my nails!
i haven't painted them in weeks....finally made some time.
haha sometimes i like being girly.

is that too much roxy? ew.
the last photo reminded me of today's occurrences...
stupid guns. stay away from universities!
[and maybe just life in general!]
hook 'em!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

i have been a bad little blogger!
here are some photos illustrating my activities as of late :)

[this is my 8am face!]

last weekend a few friends and i went to the last derby bout of the season. it was such an exciting match! i can't even remember who spent fifty cents on this mustache, but we obviously had a bit too much fun with it :)
i tweeted about missing derby try outs this week - bummer! 
we did assessments at rec league, and i think i did pretty well! i was exhausted that evening and the whole next day! it was really intense.
hopefully i will be ready and in great shape by january try outs!
it'd be an amazing start to my 28th year [gasp!]
[btw i am still working on a name - i even jotted down some suggestions-thanks!]

along with derby things this week, i also had an etsy houston meeting :)
there are quite a few shows coming up this fall and we also discussed some exciting ideas i can't wait to share!
this is the latest feisty item i custom made for a friend :)
i did a lot of sewing this weekend on the road! i am quite the productive passenger!

my family and i celebrated my mother's birthday in dallas
[hence sewing on the road!].
i had a lot of fun hanging out with my sister, who lives there.
sandy bought the most AMAZING cupcakes. i mean i've had some cute cupcakes, but none were as moist and HUGE as these babies.
the place is called dimples. holy yummyyums! :)
featured: oreo, carrot cake, strawberry, wedding cake, banana pudding, and red velvet.
sandy also used some trick candles :)
my mom was breathless and coughing by the time she finally got them all out!

and now for a super cute ending :)
have a lovely week :)

Friday, September 17, 2010


i don't work in the worst part of town...but i also don't work in the best part of town.
often times, stray or lost dogs and end up at the school.
when we/they're lucky, there's a tag, and they get to go home :)
like this big boy :)

but mostly, they wander away and i keep my fingers crossed,
or are taken home by an educator
like this little guy.
i love playing with pups at work :)

you know that's how i found osa, right?
and they lived happily ever after :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

snippity! derbity!

i love my tiny scissors. they cut through little bits of felt so seamlessly. :)

i watched like 3 episodes of the ghost whisperer [b/c i'm so awesome, right? haha] last night and just cut tiny flowers.
those little flowers measure about an inch at the widest width. so my little scissors are only inches long! 5 inches to be exact! :)

i hope everyone had a lovely weekend :)
open house was tonight - my first year without any kiddos! sometimes i feel kinda left out!
but i really enjoy what i am doing...and am still learning more and more every day.

derby practice was fun tonight!
we did some "push drills" - about 10 girls stand in a "conga line" - the girl in front directs by leaning, etc, and the girl in the way back pushes everyone - nobody but her is pushing/skating. it was TOUGH on my turn! but i think i did pretty well :)
main thing to work on = turn around toe stop. i fell SOOO much last week attempting it!  my toe stop even came off! i need to get that stop down!
next week are assessments. i hope i can at least become an active machete bettie :)
[that's the rec league team!]
also....still thinking up derby names.
daniel really likes "the roxic avenger..."
i really like "grrfeisty" but there's a girl who's got "grrrlfriday" - do they look/sound too much alike?
what about "the cuban missile" or "the cuban missile crisis"? haha

i would LOOOOOVE to hear some derby names - got any ideas??? :)

if anyone comes up with a super sick derby name [that isn't already registered] i will so send them an amazing surprise. i am having so much trouble!

Monday, September 6, 2010

playing dead

this is how i feel! i was a tad sore this week from roller derby. i'm done with the beginner crowd! hooray! tomorrow i join the intermediate group :)
so after derby, i went on a 40 minute run. wowza!
my lower half was beat.
then i went wakeboarding!
my top half is hurting hardcore. the part i never work out!
looks like i know what i need to work on :)
i did pretty good...but i also experienced a lot of this:
it was my second time wakeboarding-my good friend and co-worker invited daniel and i to tag along.  i gotta say, i wakeboarded MUCH better! the first time i went i ate it hardcore to the max!
click the photo for the zoom of my INSANE face

have a great rest of the week!
i'm excited for derby tomorrow night! :D

p.s. recognize anything in keiko's latest makeup post? :)