grrfeisty: August 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

professional attire

i know i may come off as a goofball - and i TOTALLY am [no denial over here!].
but i wanted to share with you a bit of professionalism :)
every year, when work/school starts back up, i try to "dress to impress". because of my stature, i feel like i have to work extra hard to be taken until i feel like i've made that impression, i dress more..."grown up."
then i start dressing more quirky and comfortable :)
but until i have established my authority in those hallways:
professional attire!
alright, maybe i use the term "professional" loosely :)

dont mind the face...
or veiny feet :)
grr! don't mess with me in those middle school hallways!

OR at the bar.
because this last saturday, daniel, my boyfriend, got his butt slapped!
and instead of going all RAWR HAIR PULL YANK HISS...
i walked straight up to the girl and gave her a little back pat/rub and told her the next time she walks passed my boyfriend to please not slap him on the @$$.
and then i did the whole kthxbye.
she just kinda stuttered around and looked buuuussssted.
tee hee ;)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

great day houston appearance

i was SO wiped yesterday from waking up before 5am to get ready and then working until a little passed 5pm....i didn't have time to upload any photos...until now!!
so here is the video clip - in case you didn't have the chance to click one of the 5 billion links i posted yesterday!

i am the first chickadee [it's called "top of the show" apparently!] and i kinda introduce the idea behind etsy and etsy houston. i thought it was cute that deborah duncan mispronounced it.  anyways, in case you didn't know it before...this is evidence...i am a huge dork!
next is lora of b. bags and sandy of robot in bloom. their items are gorgeous! my cousin called me later in the day and was going on about how she wants one of those purses and she wants sandy's flowers for her wedding, etc etc. good stuff :D

AAAAND now a short "behind the scenes" video clip i threw together!

i got there pretty early and took photos before the "green room"
[which is actually quite blue]
got crowded!
one of the camera dudes was nice enough to take some photos
while the producer walked us through the segment.
lora and her lovely bags
sandy's beautiful flowers :)
[she was hiding in the green room!]

i had to leave right after our segment and head back to work.  my co-workers are awesome and a bunch of them watched the show live from the library.
sandy was nice enough to give deborah duncan the burnt orange texas brooch [which i was supposed to give her on camera but was so nervous i forgot!] along with a bouquet of her gorgeous flowers.  we'll see if we're asked back for the holidays :)
crazy, right?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

television appearance

hi folks :) i am POOPED from roller derby boot camp! BUT i need to pack up my etsy goods because myself and a few other etsy houston gals are gonna be on tv tomorrow!
we'll be on a show called great day houston :D

click on the screen cap for a tad more info :)
wish me luck...
i'm skurred!

Monday, August 23, 2010

feisty little weekend

i spent most of the weekend surrounded by empowered women :)
[whenever daniel takes my photograph you can tell how little i am! hahaha]

i did a bit of sewing, too :D
[the empowered women were my pooches, of course!]

the roller derby bouts saturday night were SO MUCH FUN.  a couple gal pals from work joined me - they might even start coming to the boot camp!
one derby chick, baby face assassin [bayou city bosses], was insane!  she's shorter than me [by about an inch] and was flying passed everyone.  totally my hero.
i want to be that tiny blur!! haha

i was also impressed by a member of the beaumont team, C-Rex [#22].
she ran on her toe stops before she pushed herself off.  it was really cool.  i met her when i bought my skates a few weeks ago! :D
aaaand i finally saw carmen geddit - the derby girl who encouraged me in this post to come out and play! :D
on the far left, #37, carmen geddit!
[this bout is the psych ward sirens vs the brawlers]

i was extremely pumped after saturday night's game :)
the photograph way up top is from a practice sesh i had sunday evening...with myself.
definite progress!

also.....i bought a shirt :)
everyone put your derby face on for the first day of school!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

real quick

hi everyone! things have been so crazy at work that i've been coming home and turning into a brain dead zombie! [is that a bit redundant? is my brain still dead?]
i really really enjoy my new position - but it definitely takes some getting used to!  there are constantly about 10 things that need to be done - all at the same time!  i've never realized how much i am capable of juggling around in my head! haha i even held my first math department meeting was grand. daniel said i only seemed nervous while discussing one little thing :)  oh ya...if you weren't aware of it...i'm kind of daniel's boss now! ha!

so i apologize for my lack of posts. i will for sure be showing off some photos of my "office" once it's cleaned up and presentable. [this week i was too focused on getting things ready for the first day of school, monday!]
friday through sunday i plan on sewing bunches, and attending my first roller derby bout [as a spectator].
plenty of pictures to come.

your fave zombie [right? fave? right? ;) ]

Monday, August 16, 2010

sewing room video tour :D

hi hi! i made a funny video for Leigh-Ann at Freckled Nest - if these photos interest you at all...go check it out!! :D

and if that doesn't interest you...
there's also a GIVEAWAY

tomorrow is the first official day of work.
good luck to all you amazing teachers making a difference in the world :D

here's the video :)
Let's be pals!! All over! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

WINNERS and such :)

if you follow my twitter then you might be aware of the new things happening in my life.  i've taught 7th grade math for 4 years.  this year i will not be teaching students.  my "supervisor" moved up to the administration building and i applied for her old position...and got it.  :)
so my "new" job is at the same school, in the same department [yay math!], but totally different.
the title is "math specialist" - i pretty much oversee the math teachers, gather data, analyze data, lead meetings, provide, support, inform, you name it.  i'm kind of excited and nervous and a lot of other things.  i know i can do this job and want to prove it to a lot of people.  but i'm still learning what all it entails!
i also love the math team - everyone is so kind and caring and i will not let them down.  i have some large shoes to fill because our ex-boss was so awesome!!  :D
the first task i decided to take on was to organize the math closet it - dun dun dun!!!  i realize the word "closet" typically implies a small storage space.... FALSE.  this is a massive "closet" full of all things math!!
this photograph is a lie. there is also a wall of shelves to the left, and another wall of shelves to the right.  good times.
BUT i was able to cross two things off my list of things to do via ex-awesome-boss.

well, that was my work related stuff.  other things i have been up to include ichatting for the first time EVAH.  i've been a mac girl for 3 years and never used this program! how?!
so my cousin and i linked up, and chatted twice.  super fun times :)
we had a little too much fun with the effects!
shortly after this photo i got distracted by the different backgrounds...
and grabbed my snorkel. hahaha

the best part was when i took my laptop over to my mom's house where my grandparents are visiting.
they had a nice chat with my cousin and her mom [my aunt, their daughter].
and then i started messing with the settings :D
it was so hilarious to see my grandparents laughing so hard!
and every time i switched the effect, like from "dent" to "stretch," they were in hysterics!

in other news, daniel and i have been spending a lot of time with carlos and aida [you might remember them from our trip to spain].
there has been much music playing going on with these boys.
which means aida and i either watch/listen or hide in my sewing room and watch a movie :)
she's been getting along pretty well with the texas humidity/heat/random hot rain.

speaking of texas and weather fail....
what about those WINNERS????

i can't even tell you how much fun i had reading all the little known facts!
[ok i kinda just did tell you..?]
i am definitely doing something like that again...LOVED IT.

two winners were selected using!!
i SOOO badly wish everyone could be a winner!  you're all winners in my heart! hahaha

what better way to announce the winners than with
TWO little known facts
[relating to those shared by the winners!] :)

what up tamara!!
i was in choir all through high school.  and even took voice lessons!
ever heard of sabado gigante?? i sang on that show!

hooray bethh!
i also used to have food allergies.
one time i ate some fresh pineapple and my lips started bleeding!

alright you crazy winners, email me your addresses!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Roller Derby Boot Camp Day ONE

oh my goodness! i had such a blast at roller derby! i was so afraid, nervous, etc - but i met some great ladies and had so much fun!
the session was supposed to start at 7:00pm but there was a tiny tot's birthday party going we started at 8:30pm. Yikes! Nobody got out until around 10:30pm.
waiting until the birthday party is over...there is a large crowd of girls to my L and R as well!

Because I was in the beginner's class - DAY ONE, we did a LOT of stopping and falling.  It was super fun.  The group was a tad less than 20 girls, but halfway through half of them left!  A small group is quite helpful :)
I didn't get hurt or bruised this round, either! [We just won't count my face plant earlier today during my own personal practice!]

So! One Ibuprofen down, one Saint Arnold's Lawnmower [been craving one for DAAAAYS] later...I am about to crash into my bed. Oh what fun I have discovered :D

P.S. don't forget about my giveaway!!! :D

Monday, August 9, 2010

little known factoid GIVEAWAY ;)

hi friends!!

i'm trying a multiple prize giveaway this round! :D
first off, some random things you may not know about me.

1. i twirl my hair a LOT. and tie it into knots [soft knots...they don't stay!]
2. i grind my teeth. but not in my sleep...when i am kissing someone cute! like a puppy or kitten or something :) [it started when i was a toddler and gave my little sister smoochies haha]
3. my family has always thought of me as the "black sheep" - weird, right??
4. my eyes can vibrate super fast.
5. i've always loved math homework [go figure!]

Alright! Time for the GIVEAWAY!! :)
There will be TWO winners chosen. WOOT!

Prize #1
-"Sew Darn Cute" by Jenny Ryan. If you want to start making cute creations, [or continue!] then you will really like this book! :D
-"Best Friends Rock" tee in large - i'd say it fits like a big medium really.
-And a sweet pair of sunglasses from Delia's!
-PLUS a super secret surprise :)

Prize #2
- A very cute peach/tan and black peace sign scarf! i have two of these already! i love them! and it's thin so you can wear it in whatever weather :)
- A small notebook from Urban Outfitters - I am in LOVE with notebooks...sigh...
-And of course, a super secret surprise!! :)

Okay! Ways to enter:
[ONE comment PER entry] [you must be a follower]
1. Leave a comment stating 3-5 little known facts about yourself! :)
2. Tweet about the giveaway! [via @grrrfeisty - there's an extra "r"!]
3. Mention the giveaway in a blog entry and link it in the comments!
4. Fan/Like my Facebook page.
5. What kind of entries do you like to see in the blog?
6. If you buy anything from the shop that's 5 extra entries :D

Good Luck, friends!! :D The deadline is Friday, August 13th at midnight!
p.s. ya, random photo above...i haven't taken any lately! it's from july 31st's gritsy event!