grrfeisty: July 2010

Saturday, July 31, 2010

my not-so-inner feisty

oh hi! how are you doing?
oh my goodness it's kinda good to be home.  i had a great time visiting my family in miami, and will miss hanging out with them and laughing until i'm in tears, but my puppies need some lovin' and my spirit needs some grounding. haha does that makes sense? maybe my soul needs grounding? my arms are tired? :)
before i left for miami i finally got whip it through netflix [looong wait!].  i totally fell in love with the movie and kept talking about it while we were with our family. we were in target one day, i decided at the very last minute to buy it.  i think i watched it 4 more times [2x in a row! ha!].
it's funny because i come off as pretty shy, but, well, my user name almost everywhere is "grrfeisty." :)
i don't know how to exlpain it without coming off as a jerk or weirdo
[maybe i already come off as a weirdo :) ],
but i like playing rough...i pretty much always have...
i admire strong, independent women.  i try really hard to be both of these things, and this movie pretty much encompassed that.
BUT i'm not very gutsy.  i hate rejection. and crowds of people make me incredibly nervous and shy...
i visited the houston roller derby website and am trying to gather the courage to invest in a pair of roller skates [if you recall, i already roller blade a LOT]
and go at it until they have try outs again.  my sister and i even spent a couple hours last night throwing nickname options around! haha
but first, there's a bout coming up in august, so i think i'll check that out :)

OKAY. yesterday i took some photographs of my cousin and her fiance in the location in which they'd like to be married next year.  let me just say that i am not at all a professional photographer and we were just goofing around.  there are millions of amazing photographs all over the net...please don't judge my goofy amateur skillzzzz
i love the weird faces my cousin makes. isn't she beeee-autiful?

i look forward to blogging regularly again now that i'm back home and the school year is about to start.
on the flight back home i jotted down some fun ideas for the ol' bloggeroo! so stay tuned! there's a giveaway, some pretty sweet sales going down, and bunches more :)
exes and oh ohs,
your feisty little friend!

p.s. the shop has been re-loaded with goodies! check 'em out! :D

p.p.s. or is it p.s.s.? anyways, i saw despicable me the other day.....
while the movie is okay, there are some amazingly cute/hilarious moments :D

Thursday, July 29, 2010

last days in miami :)

hola! things have been pretty chill here in miami :)
my sister and i have been hanging out with my family a lot. it's nice to see them, even if it's only twice a year! :( 
i have also been doing a lot of work work. on vacation?? yes... but i got a lot done! hooray!
other things i've done include
had some girl time at the beach :)

made my family put on some dorky glasses :)

bought some cute nail polish :)

sewed and photographed my cousin. :)

baked some cupcakes :)

celebrated my sister's birthday :)

here's a photo of my as a baybayyy

and shopped for some wedding dresses with my cousin and her posse hahaha

i head back home on saturday and then the work stuff begins! eeee!
i'm presenting for the first time at professional development and am a bit nervous.
i hope everybody has had a great summer. i know mine was insane!

be sure to check out my etsy shop!
i updated it today and will be doing some more work on it tomorrow :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010


the coolest, sweetest, kindest, silliest, funniest, goofiest, bestest sister turns the big 2-6. welcome to the Almost Thirty Club, Snadycakes!! :D

what a great lil' sis :)


Friday, July 23, 2010

um...i left again

hi! so remember when i said i came back?? well a few days later i left again! haha
i'm currently in miami, florida visiting my family.  i'm of cuban descent, so most of my family lives in miami now :)
here are some photographs of what i've been up to :D
my carry-on for the plane ride. after lugging 3 giant bags around european airports, i decided to "travel light." :)
my dad got us into the "presidential club" at the airport [he travels a LOT]. it was pretty sweet.
soft chairs ad free breakfast!
on the plane :)
myself, my mom, tia ada [my aunt], and sandy

i also got some sewing done :)
miami is a pretty chill trip - unlike most folks trips to miami...haha

i also had some time to paint my toenails :)

and go watch eclipse with sam
[which was AWESOME by the way!]

sandy and i went through some old photo albums :)
my grandpa and grandma on their wedding day

watch ely and javi lose at softball [tee hee]

and my mom thought she'd be hilaaaaaarious and do an impression of me :D
[many of you may have seen this photo on facebook...haha]

alright, i'll be back in texas again soon. i love visiting my family, and i'm not looking forward to work again...but i do miss texas a bit :)

gnite "y'all" :D