grrfeisty: May 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010

weather girl

i made an effort to straighten my hair today...
and ended up looking like a weather girl.
by the time this photo was taken it had flattened out a bit...
but i think you get the point.
flight attendant dress doesn't help either. haha

Monday, May 24, 2010

tiny texas towns

a week ago i took the day off to make my way back from renegade.
here are some of my purchases:
these two were my absolute favorite purchases!

some of you probably recognize this lady's work!
i bought a couple prints from elsie - one for me and one for my sister.

this photo appeared in my last post.
i bought this perdy dress from bleubirdvintage

texas pride :)

i also purchased a couple t-shirts from enthos - beautiful and SOFT stuff :)
i can't post the rest because they are surprise gifts!

so on the way back on monday, i stopped in Smithville, TX for about an hour.  I walked around downtown, as well as the little neighborhoods around it.  it's a very peaceful experience...photographing little towns while everyone is at work or school...

i'm a sucker for brick.

fin :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

clutzy and photographic

oh hiiiiii :)
my oh my, this has been the busiest weekend i have had in quite some time!
i had a few activities planned each day...and when that happens i feel like i need to i skipped one every day. i am a bad person! eek!
i went out a couple times this weekend, as you can see above
[high heels??? special!].
i'm not sure if you are aware...but i am a huge clutz.  last night i was playing with my friend's pup, harley [see this video] and she totally tripped me!  the little skank!  :) i totally ate it...can you see the bandages on me knees? my elbow is banged up, too.  BUT i must say, the fall must have looked awesome!  i summersaulted/rolled/jumped and pretty much amazed the audience. and by "audience" i mean my friends paula and bryan, who probably think i am a wee bit insane.
tragically enough, my tumble was NOT the worst accident of the night.  i hope marcos is okay!  and let me tell you, if i ever see you [yes you!] drive away from an accident, i will drive/run/fly after you and punch you in your sensitive bits!  and then call the police.  for real, that's two times now where i've seen a car cause a motorcycle accident and leave like the wimps/drunks/idiots they are! /rant

on a lovelier note, i plan on posting on the etsy houston blog tonight and creating a bunch of member buttons - hooray!
ALSO, here are some photos of my [finally] clean sewing room!

i hope everyone had a great weekend :)
i will be posting renegade purchases later tonight or tomorrow.  they aren't on my laptop..which is where i am stationed right now. haha
bye :D

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Can you spot my contribution?? Click on that link for one of the coolest posts EVAH.

Thursday evening I'll be sure to post photos of my stop in Smithville, TX
[for those of you that like the ol' small town charm!].

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

zooey winner :)

THANK YOU to everyone that left a comment about their favorite BFF activities :)
They were all so great!  Maria and I might have to give them all a try. haha!
I think we kinda do the dress up one sometimes...
Hmmm...which mustache do you like best??

We decided to go with the old school selection method!
So I wrote and cut out names based on the number of entries they had...mixed them up, poured them out, mixed some more, shook the pot, and maria drew :D
giveaway winner announced! from roxy rodriguez on Vimeo.

[aka MiniMak]
won the giveaway!!
Christiiiiiiine - email me at roxy.rodriguez [at!] with your shipping address please :D

I'll be back later this week [tomorrow?] with photos from my explorations in Smithville, TX!

"peace out playa" [like the dude in garden state???]

Monday, May 17, 2010

4 hour GIVEAWAY extension

I'm not really sure how much good a 4 hour extension will do...but I'd like to give it a shot! :)
In honor of this extension...and this giveaway, I give you....a reason to feel embarrassed...for me!
kinda embarrassing...for real.

road trippin from roxy rodriguez on Vimeo.
Please enter the giveaway my BFF helped me out with :D
winner chosen after midnight!! :D

austin love :)

So I definitely made it out to renegade handmade on Sunday!
I was pretty bummed on Saturday because my bazaar was canceled due to HEAVY rain.  After moping around for a few hours, I did some Feisty Fabrik things, ran errands with daniel, and then left for Austin!  The drive was pretty easy...except for when I got pulled over.
I openly admit I was speeding...but the cops that pulled me over [yes cops - plural!] were really anal...because the youngest was in training.  I even had to get out of the car and stand in the grass while they got to stand on the shoulder....LAME again!
After they both looked into my car multiple times, the younger officer [cop#1] went back to the car to write me a ticket while the older officer [cop#2] stuck around, making conversation.  At one point this awkwardness happens:
"He's writing you a ticket!"
me: "Okay."
"Is that okay?"
me: "Um...I suppose?"
Then he whistled at #1 because apparently he was taking too long [or perhaps #2 was over the small talk? haha].  Luckily #1 returned with a WARNING [hallelujah!] and I went on my merry way...and by merry I mean itchy!  Dang the tall grass and my flip flop + shorts combo!
I continued to putter along [at a mere 65 mph] until I reached Austin.

My darling friend Louise let me stay with her. :) We went to the Alamo Drafthouse [movie + dinner! woot!].
Have you seen the movie Date Night with Steve Carrell and Tina Fay?? GO SEE IT.  I laughed SOOO hard.  The movie was hilarious and awkward and then more hilarious.

SOOOOOO then next day [Sunday] Louise and myself went to Renegade Handmade!
At first I was utterly overwhelmed.  There were so many awesome booths everywhere!! I just didn't know where to begin!

[click for the larger versions!]

I was looking for 3 booths in particular...
and Laura's!
Elsie and James I've just been wanting to meet
[because their blogs and shops are just so awesome!]

Laura is my really cool lady friend I made at my first show last October!

And just because this looks completely awkward:
Remember, I am SHORT.  These nice ladies hunched WAY over for me!
But I wanted to try and show you all the booth...
I didn't expect to run into their station so quickly, and I was completely awkward [word of the day!] when I introduced myself.  After doing a lap around the convention center I went back and bought some things and was a lot LESS awkward. haha If you ever meet me, prepare to be weirded out for a few minutes until I chill. :)
Those of you that know me...know what I mean!

I also ran into an Etsy Houston member I just met last week :)

Okay, more photos :)
byebye renegade!
pretty parking garage :)

Louise and I hit up Mighty Cone on South Congress afterwards because we were Mighty Hungry! har har har...
mmmm....veggie goodness :)
oh you know me.... :)

ruh roh, there's a thunderstorm going on!
I will post my small town detour photos later on :)
AAAAAND purchase photos! weee!
exes and oh ohssssss