grrfeisty: April 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010

hot flashes!

good evening/morning!
i just wanted to say hello real quick before getting ready for bed :)  after 2 or 3 days of non-bloggy action i feel MIA!
i am taking part in a friend's open house this weekend [if anyone has noticed my bombardment of invitations on twitter!] and have been trying to prepare for that while also making "motivational" videos for work.  here is an example of what i do every spring for the students of KMS...

Untitled from roxy rodriguez on Vimeo.

i must admit that my personal favorite is this one:

i slept 2 hours sunday night and then passed out after work yesterday. i feel like i've barely had any time to do anything! it's just one of those weeks...
the pink [burn from last weekend] is almost all gone! therefore i itch a bit.  but nothing 10 long fingernails can't handle :)
anyways, i hope your week has been BRILLIANT.
this weekend should be fun :D

osa says gnite. i love this blurry shot i took while rollerblading!
p.s. super awesome giveaway is coming sometime in May...
my painter BFF mary is taking part as well!
stay tuned ;)

Monday, April 26, 2010

20 minutes

I am back! But now I have to create two videos for work tomorrow...which is FUN, but it sucks that I'm only now able to begin!  I was having some Imovie problems and had to run and purchase the update this evening.  In about 20 minutes the "footage" I have will be all transfered and ready to edit...meanwhile, here is an update :D
Thursday morning I left on a trip to visit Daniel's family who live near Fort Worth, Tx.  I spent lots and lots of time with them, and had a lot of fun :)
I mostly hung out with Traci [Daniel's sister] and Cooper [her son/my "nephew"].  He is at that super cute age where he's all smiley and playful!
Friday, Daniel and I drove to Dallas [about an hour away] to visit my dental school-tastic sister.  I don't see her too much [as I mention ALL the time] so it was great to get to hang out!
We walked around the mall and grabbed some mexican for dinner and pretty much spent the afternoon making Sandy laugh until she cried [which isn't hard to do! haha].
Saturday started out funny.  Daniel woke me up at 8am and I was all moody.  Every day of our "vacation" I had to wake up early...and the one day we didn't have anything to do he woke me up!  So I rebelled and laid around for another 30 minutes or so before I got out of bed and thanked Daniel for the coffee :)
The rest of the day was a celebration of Traci's [belated] birthday! Woohoo 30!!  It was a super nice day [minus cold water in the pool!] so I just laid out in the sun...ahh...I LOVE laying in the sun!  And then I accidentally fell asleep.  Luckily I won't be pink much longer - thanks to the Cuban in me!
[I faded this photo so you can't see the red as much...but just look at my honker!]
After Traci opened presents and we had cake, the Transporter 2 was on and so we watched it while "feeling bad about our midsections" [as the host of "DVD on TV" stated haha] and vegged.
Reason for the midsection comment:
OVER AND OVER - seriously? YA that makes me feel bad! hahaha
Sunday was church time where Daniel's uncle preaches.  Afterwards, at lunch, I can't remember who joked about me flying back with Traci and her dad, but I took them up on the offer.  Daniel had a 4.5 hour drive back and I flew with Daniel's dad in about an hour.  I felt really bad about ditching him but he really wanted me to do I did :)
I had only been on his dad's plane once before and didn't even film any of it! [gasp!]
Do you like how the wind decided to rush under my shirt right as the photo was being snapped?  Especially after talking about midsections?? THANK YOU, Mother Nature!  Skank.
And now, here I am...getting ready to make these videos!  Tomorrow will be quite rough!
Wish me luck!

flying from roxy rodriguez on Vimeo.

Friday, April 23, 2010

a good time in 29 seconds [video!]

hi new people [and darling "old" friends]! welcome and thanks for stopping by! enjoy my silliness :)

she's a peach, she's a doll, she's a paaaaaal of miiiiiiine :D

making up a song about from roxy rodriguez on Vimeo.
hi! this is me staying at daniel's parents' house. hahaha

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

what up in HURR

i just got back from my late night [ok it was only 8pm..] hair appointment!  my haircuts always happen on a whim...i'm like ends...and BAM, i call it in!
notice the dark hair going down around my chin/neck, and the liiight brown leftover from last year's dye!
look at all the darksies! and it will definitely be back to being ridiculously long in no time.
can you ever just take ONE picture in photobooth??
by the by, i LOVED every single comment left on the BUFFY post.  sadly, [or super enthusiastically?!] i really like talking about tv, and joss whedon, and all things dorky.  so much love for my bloggyblog friends! <3

p.s. i promise those are two different blue shirts i am wearing in the photos. haha
p.p.s. dang you PMS boobs.
p.p.p.s. this is what happens when you take one giant 105 lb dog rollerblading with you.

Monday, April 19, 2010

grrrr, arghhhh

if those two words mean anything to you, then you would probably be one of my bestest pals :)
ever since dedicating a significant amount of time to sewing, i've become obsessed with television.  not current television...but past seasons...of popular shows.
for example, in the past year i've watched every season of weeds, dexter [minus current], bones, felicity, angel, and i am currently watching six feet under [<3!].  even MORE recently...i started watching buffy again.  i adore joss whedon!
i avidly watched btvs from middle school through high school and into college [7 years!]
well around september last year i went to a huge showing of "once more with feeling" - the buffy musical.  it was incredibly fun! and anytime the annoying sister came on screen someone shouted "SHUT UP DAWN!"  it was SUCH a blast!!  plus the girl that plays "tara" [amber benson] was the special guest and even sang along to her number! ha!
last week i re-watched the musical episode, then i started season 6 over, and now i am being ultra lame and watching all the buffy/spike episodes over and over. hahaha it's of those shows you can get into repeatedly!  and think about the characters' lives during the regular you ever do that?  i remember when i read the harry potter series i thought about the stories and their world when i wasn't reading and felt like a giant dork :D
i love this's the intro. oh goodness, i'm being such a monster dork...
but you've got to admire a cast that sings their own parts.
i mean they're not amazing, but they are incredibly fun. if you aren't into buffy the vampire slayer i apologize for boring you. users, get on "watch instantly" and check it out :D
please tell me something dorky about i can feel a little better? haha
by the way, if you haven't watched it - i posted a video of myself as a child

Saturday, April 17, 2010

snack love + vintage video

i've been hearing about how amazing vitatops are for a while now.  i almost purchased some a month ago, but shipping was a be-otch because they need to be kept frozen!  while i was in the freezer aisle of HEB, however, there they were!!  so i purchased a box of vitatops in "deep chocolate."
here are some awkward photos of the joy a deep chocolate vitatop brought to my life.
so a vitatop is like a muffin top.  it's a tad softer, and pretty darn tasty!  i was definitely surprised because most "healthy" chocolate flavored things are bitter or bland.
and supposedly it's full of vitamins. hence, "vita" top.

on a more ethnic note, today has been pretty hispanic.  i can say this because i, myself, am of cuban descent...
my neighbors [behind me] had a barbeque earlier and were blasting tejano music so loud, i thought the speaker was in my backyard.  i didn't mind it, really. but a few hours later there was a giant moonwalk towering over the fence, and millions of little hispanic children screaming - because jumping up and down is scary? PLUS, since their house is on a main street [no curbside parking] all the party guests are parked on the grassy median.  this is hilarious to me because parking on the lawn is quite a hispanic thing to do [see: my family in the '90s, miami, florida].
speaking of which, here's an old video [3 yrs old on youtube] featuring my childhood self and my cuban folks.  i gotta's seriously cute. hahaha

change the settings to "480p" for better quality.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

mail time!! :D

coming home from work has been so great lately.  there's been loads of mail on my floor!  [on the floor as opposed to in a mailbox because i currently have a mail slot...]
some of it has been things i ordered and some has been wonderful pen pal mail.  but today...oh today....
today i received a yummy bar of soap from the lovely christine, moo cards, AAAAAAAAND my HAPPY MAIL :D
Carrie is my super amazing happy mail partner, and my oh my, did she outdo herself! i only hope my gift at least MET her expectations! i'm nervous! i received a thirfted fox, little notebook, a fox tote, coffee scented air freshener, and a DELICIOUS cadbury chocolate bar with which i am currently stuffing my face. :)
oh, but one of my favorite things carrie gave me:
the package was decorated SOOO beautifully! i cut this piece out to remember it :)

more mail treats from today:
eeee! ok, time to get back to watching some season 6 buffy [oh james marsters..] and a bit of sewing.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FFT + walking :)

This evening Daniel and I attended the Fund for Teaches [] banquet where we received our grant checks!  I met a lot of cool teachers who are also going on exciting adventures this summer!  The ladies in charge of the program are so incredibly nice.  It was a really fun couple hours :)
Fund for Teachers is celebrating their 10th year, hence the "I'm a 10!" sign and the delicious cake! haha
After some cake, we were off to the bank to deposit our grants so we could start buying tickets!

Monday I went over to my mom and dad's for dinner.  Daniel and I walked the dogs around their neighborhood, and it felt great!  I ran around with them and it was wonderful.  So tonight I walked the dogs again.  Maybe I am finally getting back into the groove :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


like me! tee hee!
first off, i wasted far too much time debating some purchases online tonight.  i ended up WAITING [no fun!] because i know it is the best choice right now.

do you have a holga? what kind? how does it make you feel? ;)

also...i really like playing with photoshop.  after helping my BFF with her widgets, i decided maybe i can help out others?  i'm not sure if it's overstepping, or tacky, or what.  please email me any feelings you have towards it...

one more thing! i keep forgetting i have a formspring account!  until i read tweets, blogs, etc from others.
ask me things. silly things. lovely things? :D
i <3 you?
x + o = math love

Sunday, April 11, 2010

by a non-foodie

hello! i hope everyone had a brilliant weekend! back to the same ole' same ole'!

ok, so i don't really cook.  i mean, i guess i get by with spaghetti, salads, breakfast eggie concoctions, and the like, but i don't really coooook.
well guess what!  today, i made something new and it was TASTY.
i made halibut empanadas.  my cuban peeps taught me how to make fish empanadas while i was in miami over christmas break.  i actually recorded my uncle making them and listing off the ingredients.  i didn't have some of the fresh veggies he suggested, so i improvised!
the photo above was taken in the process...the dough is still raw!
for those of you who don't know what empanadas's like super amazing meat/fish/whatever filling wrapped in a little dough blanket that is either fried or baked.
the recipe my uncle gave me called for goya sazon, lots of olive oil, cooking wine, peppers, garlic, onions, and fish.  i didn't have peppers so i used mushrooms [because i like them way better!].  everything else was pretty much the same.  my family fries empanadas [which of course is SUPER tasty], but in the interest of health and laziness, i baked them.
i was even MORE lazy and baked them in my toaster oven.  they APPEAR slightly burned, but they weren't. :)
anyways, i was blown away by my hidden talents.  yummy lazy cuban halibut empanadas!

if you are interested, this is what i did:
need: fish, garlic, onions, mushrooms, goya sazon, goya empanada "discos" [i found them at H.E.B. or Fiesta], whatever spices you like [season all, mrs. dash, peppers, etc]
1. let the chopped onions simmer in olive oil for about 15 minutes.
2. add the chopped fish along with the sazon, olive oil, cooking wine, and preferred spices. let simmer for about 20 minutes or until thoroughly cooked.
3. 10 minutes into cooking the fish add the mushrooms.
4. defrost the "discos" and separate.
5. dab water along the edge of each disc and fill with about 2.5 tablespoons of filling.
6. press shut with the tip of a fork.
7. repeat until you're out of filling...
8. cook in oven [or toaster oven] at 400 degrees for about 15-20 minutes [just keep a close eye out!]
9. OR, instead of baking, fry.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

20-20-20-4 hours ago-OH-OH

Last night I had my first "Craft Night" with my BFF Maria.
Maria and I have known each other since 6th grade, and we both enjoy being super creative!  I've got quite a few of her paintings hanging around my house [i.e. top left corner of bottom photo], and recently she's been rockin' her mad jewelry making skills.
We hung out in the space-where-magic-happens watching cheesy movies + the best of will ferrell [la da deeeee da DUM]!  We drank some "white rooskies" [as I like to call them] and giggled and were merry.
Facts - we are both Hispanic, tiny, crafty, animal lovers! :)  And in Middle School our teachers always mixed up our names.  Hatin' on the shorty brunettes!
I am glad to have my Mary.

Also happening last night:

Thank you to my dear friends who sent comforting thoughts regarding Osa's belly stitchings!
I picked her up after work yesterday and she seemed excited to see Daniel and I.  As soon as we got in the car, though, she looked so uncomfortable.  Seeing the stitches and raw looking skin made me so sad!
When we got home she found some pieces of dog food on the floor of the garage, ate them, and a few minutes later threw up.  I gave her a tiny bit of water, and she threw it up.  Poor baby!  So I just let her sleep the rest of the evening away.
Today Osa is great!  A little too active for being post-op, but nothing too bad.  I gave her some breakfast and water and she appears to be keeping it down :)

I leave you with a couple photos of my "work clothes."
My mom surprised me with this cute little dress on Thursday!  A cold front blew through a few days ago so I kept myself warm with a layer of turtle neck + tights. haha I always have to "ghetto rig" my favorite clothes for work.
Sandy is the best!  My sister bought me these socks for Christmas [and a similar pair in color the year before].  Students and co-workers always get a kick out of them.

Ok.  The end of my A.D.D. post!   Have a wonderful weekend!