grrfeisty: March 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010


I had such a fantabulous weekend.  i pigged out on sushi friday after work.  it was so tasty and amazing.  daniel had carpool duty, so here i am, NOT driving home from work/sushi :)

the fact that i had people coming over forced me to go crazy with saturday's cleaning.  very productive day :) once my old friends were over we nearly died laughing as we rocked out hardcore [rockband 2!] - the sound shut off twice! haha

sunday was spent productively on the front lawn.  the dogs went a little mad sometimes when other furry friends went by, but all and all they looked crazy adorable on that pretty green lawn :)

notice how big and beautiful osa is?!

so after i wrapped up a package, stitched a few things, and wrote a couple letters, i went inside to finish up some orders.  i even made myself a giant pin cushion!
never have i been so productive!
i used 4 different hollister shirts from my college days [5+ years ago - CRAZY!] and the bottom is a chunk of my fave cords [also hollister]
Leigh-Ann has a great tutorial here.

daniel spent the day at a comic book convention and bought me this super amazing print from the houston "comicpalooza"
the artist is dirk strangely.  and i believe he lives here in houston! my print is signed :D

alright my lovely lovelies, i bid you goodnight.  i almost went to bed around 8pm when there was no power, but it suddenly returned, granting me many distractions. haha
peace :)
AAAND, i almost forgot! my lovely friends danielle and meaghan [current super fun penpals!] have motivated me to ask - would you like to be penpals??  simply email me your name and address.  it's so much fun! :D [roxy.rodriguez at gmail dot com]

don't think i've forgotten about my "giveaway coming soon" teasers! [??] haha it really is! i'm going to set it up this coming weekend :D <3 <3 <3

Saturday, March 27, 2010

yassas! [hello!]

earlier, while i was waiting for some friends to come over, i decided to dork around with my greek phrase book :)

i mispronounced EVERYTHING.  the lady on my CD will be quite upset...haha

it's all greek to me from roxy rodriguez on Vimeo.

Friday, March 26, 2010


hi everyone :)
it's really late, so i'll keep this short and sweet!
thank you to everyone who left me such kind comments.
and welcome new readers :)
i really appreciate it when someone leaves advice or encouragement, so thank you again.
i finally updated the "about grrfeisty" section.  i went into detail regarding some things, but it's late - so don't hate if i made some mistakes!
have a lovely night my friends :)
oh, and don't forget to enter the giveaway at FreckledNest! :D
check out the cool prize you can win from me :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today I made a list.  I even had a schedule to keep.  Things were going oh-so-well until Daniel returned from class.  Then he asked me to watch Food, Inc with him...oh how saddened I became!  I had to keep myself preoccupied to prevent a wave of emotion from striking.  I'm gettin' the vapors!  [haha!]  But seriously, if I wasn't already a vegetarian, I would have turned!
I took some photographs of the house today because I changed some things around and am really happy about it :)  [it was also on my list! haha]
Click for enlargements!
The kitchen will be the last room to paint...and believe me, I am taking my time.  I've never taken down wallpaper and am not too excited to do so!  So white kitchen for a few more months :)  You can't really tell, but under that light fixture and passed the counter, you can see the living room.

This is the living room, and my view from the couch on the days that I decide vegging is my only option :)

To the right of my vegg station, Buster is staring longingly out the window :)
I couldn't find a bigger "mantel," but I kinda like the white shelf.  The white frame on the fireplace is going in the gap between the window and the shelf/mirror...I'm waiting on a photograph of Daniel's nephew.  It will be adorable :)

I finally put stuff up on my "inspiration board" - honestly, I just like hanging pictures up.  My inspirational magazines are on a shelf.  I love keeping my mags intact! :)

some close ups...

Daniel and his dad took care of the closing process on our home.  I was in Miami, Fl for the holidays visiting my family.  When I came back Daniel had made me the card below: "Our Home!!  For Longer than a Year!"  [We used to move once a year...]  He also attached the pen with which he signed the contract :)
The polaroid right below the card is actually the front of the house [and my bike! woot!]

Man, we haven't photoboothed in years!  All of those photos were taken within the first year of our relationship.  This was all about 4 years ago!  CRAZY.

Across from my lovey dovey board...
I purchased my 1959 Singer a couple months ago and only recently [since "finishing" the house] have started using it.  Slowly but surely I am getting the feel for my new/old machine :)

Lastly, also seen firstly, the bedroom, which is previous homes were a bit smaller than this one, so I kinda used up all my decor in the other rooms!  I have some sweet ideas for the bedroom, but it's a bit of a project.
If you look into the mirror you can see my Stella im Hultberg prints that I adore.  I also have a Stella Ipod skin. haha


This television was in the guest room...but after Osa chewed the cable off my old tv set, we swapped :)

and of course...

YAWN.  Okay dear friends, it is bedtime.  I want you to know that I am going to have a giveaway quite soon.  If you have any opinions as to what items you'd like to see, feel free to share :)  I am easily persuaded...haha
I leave you with my cutest purchase of the day: an itty bitty camera [with itty bitty Easter slides that rotate when you click!].

Saturday, March 20, 2010

3 things!

UNO  i am participating in two giveaways this month!  one is on Leigh-Ann's blog and the other is on Elsie Flannigan's blog.  both giveaways will feature one of these little guys:

mustachasaurus from roxy rodriguez on Vimeo.
but for leigh-ann's giveaway i am also including a little something special!  one of my favorite creations this past year has been the Bipolar Bunny.  I gave this little guy his name because his mood changes with yours :D

this is the one i am featuring in the freckled nest giveaway...
this bipolar bunny is my favorite! because i love green :)  notice how no two are alike!

DOS  like i mentioned in my previous post! i continued sewing while on vacay!  so there will be a small shop update later today.  stay tuned! :D  [check flickr, too! :D]

TRES  best news EVAH.  as most of you know, i am a teacher.  daniel and i applied for a grant through and i just found out a couple days ago that I GOT THE GRANT!  basically this grant enables daniel and i to travel to crete, greece to attend a creativity workshop.
I AM EXTREMELY EXCITED.  seriously???  for free???  so basically, i am so lucky and HOORAY my hardwork has most definitely paid off.
p.s. i would really like to have a giveaway but i'm afraid i don't have enough readers.  what should i do? maybe if i hit 25 followers?  any advice from those of you that have had giveaways or partaken in many?
gracias friends :D

home again, rose

i am home!  hurray!

the drive to [and from] eureka springs was so much fun.  all the little stops along the way kept daniel and i excited the whole time.  

tiny town antique store awesomeness [except the foxes! those are not antique, just awesome!]

the whole trip was so relaxing...i miss it already!
here are some more photographs of the treehouse :)

to reach the entrance we had to go down a set of stairs to the "bridge" leading to our treehouse.  in the bottom right hand corner you can see the 20 foot drop into the woods!

kitchen/dining area :)

bathtub! that overlooked the forest!  there is also a separate bathroom with a toilet and a 2nd bathtub/shower that was adorable.

ice cream + laptop  = relaxing roxy....daniel + ds = eternal silence. hahaha
i didn't photograph the "living room," where the camera is sitting.  right across from the bed is a loveseat, fireplace, and tv.  the cabin was extremely cute! i loved it!

the town was completely adorable.  i love small towns where "downtown" is a neighborhood with some shops around [as opposed to a giant city!].  and i loved some of the random furniture :)

[i'll be posting more photographs on flickr tomorrow!]

daniel and i spent the days out and about, but we wanted to have enough time to just relax, so our days pretty much ended around 5-6pm.  we'd head back to the treehouse and lay around being bums.  i watched season 1 of glee, sewed, and played on my laptop.  sadly, it was nice :)

i'm planning on updating my very lonely etsy shop tomorrow! there was definitely some stitching going on whenever i was in the passenger seat!:

i even made a cutesy little video ad!  i will post my [lame attempt at!] stop motion tomorrow. 
GOODNIGHT. it is waaaaaaay passed my bedtime!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

missing in action

Here I lay, after about 4 days of traveling, in my treehouse [yes, treehouse!], with my pistachio ice cream and a cup of coffee.  Mmmm...

Don't mind Daniel back there, he quit playing his DS for a split second to make an appearance. haha

Daniel and I left Houston Saturday afternoon.  We stopped in Cresson, Tx to visit his parents, and then head out to Oklahoma.
This was our camp site on Lake Murray in Ardmore, OK.  I could hear the water all night.  It was a wonderful experience, but dang I had the most awful night's sleep!  Around 5 am it was so incredibly windy our tent was being hit from all directions.  It was only then that I actually got some decent shut eye.  I like sleeping during "inclement" weather.  :)
While driving to Oklahoma City, we stopped in Davis, OK because of a sign Daniel saw that said "small town charm."  I'm glad we stopped!
I bought two little owls off this shelf, and one funny little one from a different location.  It was too early though, and most of the antique shops weren't open yet.
BUT we did go see Turner Falls!
I didn't feel like paying $12 or whatever to go in, so we found the overlook and had some fun there :)

Somewhere along the way, Daniel noticed a sign for a "Toy and Action Figure Museum," so we stopped in Paul's Valley, OK to check it out.


So after all this fun stuff, we kept going towards OKC, where we explored Daniel's old neighborhood on our bicycles!
Daniel tried exploring his old church, and I awkardly followed.  I think he freaked a daycare lady out because he tried following her in and she turned around a bit cautiously and asked "May I help you...?"  haha I wanted to wait in the car!

After creeping some folks out a bit, we drove to our next camping spot - Natural Falls State Park.  We arrived after nightfall, so I don't have any cool pictures of the camp site, but the next morning we biked around the area and found the "Natural Falls."
Believe it or not [ I don't!] this is a RARE photograph of me.  NO MAKE UP - OH NOEZZZZzzz.  Thank goodness for "toy cam" mode on my phone [and my face consuming hat]!
And off we went to Arkansas :)

During our first pit stop in Siloam Springs, Daniel and I guzzled down a cup of coffee and a water bottle full of Emergen-C, so we had to make a second pit stop pretty soon after!  This sign created a bit of a detour because WHAT!  Awesome time!  
The gas station attendant told Daniel that Dinosaur World had closed down a few years ago, but you can still see the dinosaurs from the side of the road.  That was all we needed to hear.

We definitely parked off the side of the road and slid/walked down the shoulder and crossed into DINOSAUR WORLD.
It was the creepiest and coolest thing EVER.  I've never trespassed.  I'm one of those boring people that says things like, "I don't know guys...I don't want to get in trouble..."  Yep.  That's me.  But hey!  I'm on vacation!  Let's trespass!  And really, all we were doing was taking photographs.  At one point someone in a [what looked like] maintenance vehicle saw us from afar.  I was ready to bolt! Or stand completely still...  I think as long as we didn't have spray paint cans in our hands [or 40s] he didn't care.  I turned around and the truck was gone - so we continued walking around the giant, and I do mean GIANT, property a'la Dinos.  I even crossed over a little waterfall!  And over two rickety bridges.  AHHH so fun.
So after walking around acres of land, whispering because it was incredibly eerie, and listening to the single crow's caw [the kind you hear in Western movies!], we hit the road.
Bye Bye Dinosaur World!
Don't you just love my sweater that screams "tourist?"

Alright, so 20 minutes later we finally made it to the Eureka Springs Treehouse Cottages.
You can't really tell in this photograph, but there is a little fountain/waterfall under the "bridge" leading to our cottage.  See the trees on the right?  Those go down about 20 feet.  It really is a treehouse!

Sadly, all photographs of the interior will have to wait until my next post because I haven't uploaded them yet!  I am on vacation!  I can be lazy :)
After unpacking and refreshing a bit, Daniel and I hiked around town for a few hours.  Now I am blogging in my cute little cottage...about to take a super amazing bath [hello campfire smell!] in the giant tub - yum!
More Eureka Springs explorations to come.  I hope everyone is having a fabulous week.  If you have any recommendations whatsoever, do not hesitate to comment.

I leave you with this super cute dinosaur I saw leaving our camp site the other day - he needs a little mustache, no?

<3 <3 <3

[most of these photographs were taken using the "polaroid" and "toy cam" effects on my phone...others were taken with my canon rebel]

[also....i can't seem to adjust the outer-wrapper of my blog to make my columns wider....and therefore am stuck posting "large" photos instead of "extra-large" blarghhhh]

[also.......BYE :D ]