2010 recap [part 2]

part 2 of my recap gets a little crazy…summer of 2010 got real busy and things continued that way until the holiday break. it was a good kind of busy…but quite tiring [in case you missed part 1 :)]
i joined etsy houston, became the blogger, and a leader of the newish group.
we even had our first meet-up! i’ve made some pretty awesome friends through the group, too :)

daniel and i left on our [grant] trip to greece, etc.
it was an incredible journey.
 upon my return from greece, my mom, sister, and i took a trip to visit our family in miami :)
 and my mom thought she was so funny.
we also celebrated my cousin’s engagement…and did some wedding dress browsing…

 alternating nail polish became my thing :)
my grandparents visited texas, and loved our new home :)

work started. and i was no longer part of the teacher crowd :-/
i like my new position. but i’m still getting used to it.

i started attending the houston roller derby rec league practices.
 and made a lot of awesome friends.
and eventually made the rec league team. :)
 aaaand attended a couple bouts!!
i was on tv for the 2nd time in my life.
[the first time was sabado gigante when i was 17. ha!]
my obsession with foxes became known :)
and handmade necklaces…
i carved a pumpkin for the first time in a decade.

and took a million pictures of my amazing dogs in all sorts of outfits.
made some super sweet biz cards.
 3…maybe 4 times :)
and participated in kind of a lot of craft shows.
i started a super secret sewing club with a couple students…which is so much fun :)
i put up my very first christmas tree :)
in my very first home.

and i went a little crazy with the electronics…

i’ve been very lucky this year. and i am going to think of a way to give back :)



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