grrfeisty: roller derby adrenaline rush UPDATE :D

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

roller derby adrenaline rush UPDATE :D

guess what started back this week?? ;) yay roller derby!
did i mention i am an official machete bettie?? because i am!!
 [ that's the houston rec league team :) ]
do you know what that means? i get to hit people now! or dodge people trying to hit me!
it's awesome!

AND i scrimmaged tonight for the 2nd time.
let me tell you about my first time. i jammed twice, but i didn't realize how TIRED i'd get going full speed for so long. and how much effort it took to get back up after a giant shove! one of the girls saw me struggling towards the end and whipped me - it was great :)

tonight was amazing. i actually looked around to see what was happening and what needed to happen!
i blocked with team mates, pushed girls, blocked jammers - i'm still going crazy off the adrenaline!
as a jammer i did a lot better tonight. i was lead jammer both times, and someone even commented on my ducking and weaving!
i can't wait to get my endurance up so i can last longer and take more beatings! 

and if all that isn't exciting enough, i am working on some tshirt designs!
[ you can't tell, but i'm saying, "ehhhyy!!" like the fonz ;) ]
thanks to some customer feedback i have started screen printing the mustachasaurus :)

and if any of y'all have any derby name ideas...please share!
feisty fox? feisty frenzy?
tricera-rox? roxic avenger?
how do i STILL not have one?!
thank you kindly :)

don't forget to enter the
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  1. Haha! So awesome...I wish I was brave enough to do that! :) I love the t-shirt. Hey...can you email me kind of what you do with your sewing club? I'm workin' on one! Yay!

  2. I love Tricera-rox! Too cute, yet also hardcore awesome! :D

  3. You do roller derby? That's AWESOME. It sounds like so much fun!

  4. This is my FN comment. I'm here all the time but I don't know if i've commented in a while, I am.

    I think feisty frenzy is the best. actually, anything with 'feisty' in it.

  5. love the mustached dino's!!

    I found you via FN...yay!

  6. you are too cool, lady! I've always wanted to be a roller derby gal!!!

  7. Awesome, I totally want to join the Derby in Austin, but I work when they practice! Someday!!

  8. Did you see whip it? U should if not! Freckled Nest led me your way. So many Etsy shops and so little funds.

  9. Ah! That must be sooo exciting! I need to learn how to rollerskate so I can try out sometime ;]

  10. Congratulations! I so wish I could find a roller derby game to watch near me.

  11. Roller derby! <3

    I just watched Whip It the other night :)

  12. I like Feisty-Fox! has a good ring :)

  13. jen- haha sweet! thanks!
    sarah- it's definitely boosted my confidence :)
    leyla- awesome! so glad to have you back :) ya! i like feisty, too ;)

  14. erin- thanks!! :D

    robbielee- aww thanks. do eeet. ;)

    tara- man austin derby is so hardcore. i want to see them play sometime!

  15. julie - ya! generically enough whip it is what made me look up the houston league and get involved :)

    kavoka- it's a great feeling :)

    kim- where do you live? i bet there's something somewhere... :)

  16. bethany- isn't that movie so inspiring?!

    laura- ya! now i kinda wanna incorporate both words :)

  17. So awesome that you're a derby girl! And loooove the t-shirt!

  18. LOVE that shirt--so fun with that mustache!

    Found you through FreckledNest.

    sbmmhoover {at} yahoo {dot} com

  19. lindsay- thanks!
    savannah- welcome! :D

  20. Freckled nest sent me. Roller Derby- too cool. old enough to remember when it was on tv. Lisa

  21. the t-shirt is so cute!
    i like the name feisty frenzy (i said that before :D lol)

  22. ahh! the tshirt is soo cute, i love it! and congrats on the roller derby, i would totally come to a match if i was local! the blog is looking amazing! ;)

  23. I love the shirt!!!! I'd buy one!

  24. Coopy need a moustachasauras (sp?) onesie!

  25. mal- thank youuu :)

    lisa- that's awesome. i should look up some clips!

    jessie- thanks! feisty frenzy is still on my maybe list!

  26. ashley- thanks, girl :) i hope i can play in a match one day :D

    han- woohoo! thanks!

    traci- that'd be awesome! and a great christmas idea ;)

  27. ummmmm, i could totally tell you were saying 'ehhhyy!!' like the fonz, haha. we are equally strange i guess, hehe.