craft riot goodies :D

i love my etsy austin shirt :)
 it’s quite soft…and quite true!
i realize i’ve shown you my bear hat before…but i can’t get over how adorable it is.
thanks again, renee, for one of my favorite craft riot souvenirs!
speaking of roboroku, i brought this little goodie back as well :)
 and my bestie, maria, also painted a few sewing machines…laaarve
now these babies...i bought a few of.
and my booth neighbor had SUCH cool christmas ornaments!!
 too much TX pride? 😉 NEVAH!
i admired this necklace for a couple days before i bought it…so awesome!
and last, but certainly not least! i met the lovely jennifer on the first day. i wanted the necklace she was wearing, but it had sold, so she made one for me THAT night and brought it in the following day.
SO SWEET. and i love it so :)

by now you may have noticed…i have a thing for handmade/artsyfartsy necklaces :)
what is your favorite handmade item??



  1. We got a lot of the same things! I bought that sewing machine necklace from Renee, too! And my friend bought me a sewing machine painting for my birthday! I got one of your Texas Brooches, too! I love it! :)

  2. great finds! LOVE the shirt! Found you from the Freckled Nest, I love the zippered pen pouch on your shop, and the mustache dino – adorable!

  3. OMG- I am in love with that bear hat. I look ridiculous in hats- I have enormous curly hair, but I think my husband- who would never wear that- would be SOO cute in it. -e

  4. Nice picks! I got one of those Texas necklaces too! I also couldn't resist the Texas ornament from my booth mate. And I love the bear hat, I had to get one too! Did I make any money at all at Craft Riot? :) Nice meeting you!

  5. aww, I can't believe I missed craft riot but I was out of town that weekend. Looks like it was a lot of fun. Now I'm so disappointed that I missed out :(

  6. I was going to comment on this anyway (I read it on my phone earlier and was going to comment when I was at my computer)…anyway, this now counts as my freckled next comment :)

    So…I love that shirt! Whenever I (or more likely, my husband) tells anyone about my Etsy shop and they ask what I sell, my response is always…"I make stuff. Alot of stuff. It's cute." Haha.

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