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Monday, October 25, 2010

wiggin' out.

how many times can YOU make the exact same facial expression?
i really like changing my hair...without changing my hair :)

p.s. home tour coming up :) [as requested!]


  1. I'm threatening to go to the Church alternative Halloween party next weekend in a crazy coloured wig - just trying to decide what colour atm lol.

  2. wig are so fun, where did you get yours?

  3. So fun! :) Looking forward to the house tour!

  4. In all my life I don't think I've ever tried a wig on, how strange...

  5. han- i have about 4 wigs - i love trying them on around halloween time. so fun :) you should definitely do a crazy fun color!
    courtney- yes! i love them :D i got mine at frankel's in downtown houston.
    carrie- yay! it's going up on wednesday :)
    laura- really? oh you are missing out! haha

  6. ooooo fun wigs!! I gotta get one from frankels this yr.

  7. Oh man - I wish I had some wigs to play with! They're awesome.

  8. ginny- yesssss. all of mine are from frankels! i have four :)
    tara- yaaaa. i have some sweet facebook fotos from frankels. the employees are really nice :)

  9. Oh this so encourages me even more to get some wigs! I have been thinking about it for a while. I like changing my hair color, and this would be the easiest way. Especially after last year I dyed my hair purple and was scrubbing the tub for a week (it was stained purple).
    Oh the fun!

  10. tabitha- i don't have the guts to really dye my hair! do it! get 10 wigs! haha :)

  11. Hahahaha awesome!!!!!!!! You are the cutest!!