i don’t work in the worst part of town…but i also don’t work in the best part of town.
often times, stray or lost dogs and end up at the school.
when we/they’re lucky, there’s a tag, and they get to go home :)
like this big boy :)
but mostly, they wander away and i keep my fingers crossed,
or are taken home by an educator
like this little guy.
i love playing with pups at work :)
you know that’s how i found osa, right?
and they lived happily ever after :)



  1. Awww what adorable pups! It's always lovely meeting lost pooches back up with their owners, but a part of you always wants to keep em 😀

  2. indecisive – it's always the most fun when they are puppies! easier to bring into the building :)
    ching:) instead of hi i think they'd smother you in kisses!
    amylou – osa means female bear in spanish – the last photo is proof of osa's osaness haha

  3. Chris keeps talking about getting a dog – I'm not entirely sure. My friend had a Labrador called honey who was lovely as a puppy but as she grew up she'd jump up at people – I'm kinda short and when a dog on its hind legs is nearly the same height as you it's kinda scary lol.

  4. ail – daniel really wanted us to choose a spanish name…and well…she was such a little bear! :)
    tara – TOTALLY!
    han – dogs are AMAZING. and if you are consistent with them, they turn our really amazing :)
    two of our dogs don't jump on people, but osa is the "baby" of the family…and we have been lazy. shame on us. she jumps sometimes.

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