blurry photo fest!

tonight at derby, i finally dorked out and asked a friend of mine to take my photo :)
we jumped over some hurdles. i’m bad at estimating [for shame, math specialist!], but i want to say the tallest foam hurdle thing was a little over a foot?
perhaps 1.5 feet?
i was super proud of myself!
[even if i had some trouble stopping afterwards…]
okay, i’m about to hop into bed, but had to show off my nails!
i haven’t painted them in weeks….finally made some time.
haha sometimes i like being girly.
is that too much roxy? ew.
the last photo reminded me of today’s occurrences…
stupid guns. stay away from universities!
[and maybe just life in general!]
hook ’em!



  1. Pretty nails :) I'm waitressing at a church meal tonight so took my nail varnish off (I used to get in trouble for waitressing with nail polish on lol)

  2. Aw, your hair looks gorgeous in that last picture! And you look kick ass in your derby gear, haha. It sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. Aw, you can never have too much Roxy! You're so pretty! :) Love your nails, and I wish I could do roller derby… but I would probably be killed! Hahaha. I am extremely clumsy and weak, so I don't think I would do well at it… haha.

  4. stopping by from the sponsor spotlight from Freckled Nest. i really like your work, but even more i like your derby pic!!! i've been wanting to try derby but don't know if i'm that grrrrrrfeisty! ;o)

  5. yay grrrfeisty! I'm stopping over from freckled nest, but I'm a voracious follower of your blog and shop. Someday I'll have my hands on a mustachioed dinosaur. Love, love, love your stuff!

  6. Here from FN. I love watching Roller Derby, but to actually get out and do it… good for you! It looks like a ton of fun.

  7. Hi! I love love love the headband you have posted on FN. I have been looking to get something like this for so long, it's perfect!


  8. katie-thanks katie! i've been lazy and leave it wavy rather than straightening it…you are so nice! :)
    holly-thanks holly! you and your face are sa-wEET. haha i bet you could learn derby! i've watched a lot of girls [including myself] drastically improve 😀
    toe-haha i try to do things i enjoy…sometimes it's too much! :)

  9. tara-i learned how to stop on skates in rec league! and with a bit of practice i've almost got 'em down! :)
    elise-i think everyone's got a little grrfeisty in them! :) it's so fun and uplifting – you should def give derby a shot!
    amy-awesome! so glad you are around :) and thank you!

  10. Cuuutteee! :) Congrats on the 100th post, your pooch is adorable. And I love the derby pic! Hehe

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