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Sunday, August 15, 2010

WINNERS and such :)

if you follow my twitter then you might be aware of the new things happening in my life.  i've taught 7th grade math for 4 years.  this year i will not be teaching students.  my "supervisor" moved up to the administration building and i applied for her old position...and got it.  :)
so my "new" job is at the same school, in the same department [yay math!], but totally different.
the title is "math specialist" - i pretty much oversee the math teachers, gather data, analyze data, lead meetings, provide, support, inform, you name it.  i'm kind of excited and nervous and a lot of other things.  i know i can do this job and want to prove it to a lot of people.  but i'm still learning what all it entails!
i also love the math team - everyone is so kind and caring and i will not let them down.  i have some large shoes to fill because our ex-boss was so awesome!!  :D
the first task i decided to take on was to organize the math closet it - dun dun dun!!!  i realize the word "closet" typically implies a small storage space.... FALSE.  this is a massive "closet" full of all things math!!
this photograph is a lie. there is also a wall of shelves to the left, and another wall of shelves to the right.  good times.
BUT i was able to cross two things off my list of things to do via ex-awesome-boss.

well, that was my work related stuff.  other things i have been up to include ichatting for the first time EVAH.  i've been a mac girl for 3 years and never used this program! how?!
so my cousin and i linked up, and chatted twice.  super fun times :)
we had a little too much fun with the effects!
shortly after this photo i got distracted by the different backgrounds...
and grabbed my snorkel. hahaha

the best part was when i took my laptop over to my mom's house where my grandparents are visiting.
they had a nice chat with my cousin and her mom [my aunt, their daughter].
and then i started messing with the settings :D
it was so hilarious to see my grandparents laughing so hard!
and every time i switched the effect, like from "dent" to "stretch," they were in hysterics!

in other news, daniel and i have been spending a lot of time with carlos and aida [you might remember them from our trip to spain].
there has been much music playing going on with these boys.
which means aida and i either watch/listen or hide in my sewing room and watch a movie :)
she's been getting along pretty well with the texas humidity/heat/random hot rain.

speaking of texas and weather fail....
what about those WINNERS????

i can't even tell you how much fun i had reading all the little known facts!
[ok i kinda just did tell you..?]
i am definitely doing something like that again...LOVED IT.

two winners were selected using!!
i SOOO badly wish everyone could be a winner!  you're all winners in my heart! hahaha

what better way to announce the winners than with
TWO little known facts
[relating to those shared by the winners!] :)

what up tamara!!
i was in choir all through high school.  and even took voice lessons!
ever heard of sabado gigante?? i sang on that show!

hooray bethh!
i also used to have food allergies.
one time i ate some fresh pineapple and my lips started bleeding!

alright you crazy winners, email me your addresses!


  1. Congratulations, great giveaway! :)

  2. Congrats to the winners!!

    And Rocy, I just want you to know how much I lovelovelove your blog. I really enjoy reading all of your posts. Love ya!! XO.

  3. thanks lu! and congrats on getting into that show!
    aww mandy, you are swell. :D i definitely love checking out your blog, too!

  4. congrats to you & the winners!
    you sang on sabado gigante?? is there a video of this?! haha

  5. lisa - my mom recorded it and it's on a vhs somewhere...i need to figure out how to get it on the computer! haha

  6. It's wonderful that your grandparents got to ichat. I wish I could set mine up with it but they've never used the internet. :) Congratulations on the amazing new job!

  7. Woohoo!! Congrats on the new job!! I'm sure you will kick butt at it!

    Talia Christine

  8. Congrats on your new job!

    Can't believe I totally missed your awesome giveaway, I should pay more attention:P

    Your Audrey Kawasaki laptop is awesome btw.

    Oh, and thanks for adding my banner:D

  9. congrats on your new job! Your grandparents are adorable.

  10. congrats on the new job! sadly, math is the bane of my existance lol

  11. megan, my grandparents have never used the internet either! haha i just sat them in front of my laptop. they were too funny! my grandmother still thinks cellphones are amazing :)
    talia - thank you! it's stressful, and yet awesome :)
    laura - awww i should've reminded you about it! and thanks - my sister gave it to me a couple years ago :D

  12. ashley - thank you! i love my co-workers, so it's cool to just switch positions :D
    cherry - thank you! it's ok - more and more i am discovering that a lot of people feel that way :)

  13. I'm a teacher too. I teach 10th grade reading. I almost applied for a specialist job myself, but I wanted more experience under my belt... I'm going into my 4th year teaching. Have a great school year!

  14. awesome, alicia! good luck this year! :D

  15. Umm . . . wait a sec. You were on Sabado Gigante?! That is hilarious and awesome. I wish I could say that.

    P.S. Slightly off topic, but do your employers know you have a blog? Not that I think you've been inappropriate, I just always wonder about stuff like that . . .

  16. hey skooks! it was crazy random that i was chosen to sing. it was actually from the audience and on tv...but not from the stage!
    and yes, some of my co-workers know about my blog. but i don't hide it :)
    and i'm really careful about what i post.

  17. Aha I love your blog. :) Good luck with the new job! I'm sure you will be aaaaaaamazing. I can just imagine your grandparents on iChat! Haha. I looove iChat. I used to go on it all the time. It's so much fun.

  18. hi holly! thank you for all of the kind words :)
    i might take my computer over there this week just to watch them crack up again! haha