grrfeisty: television appearance

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

television appearance

hi folks :) i am POOPED from roller derby boot camp! BUT i need to pack up my etsy goods because myself and a few other etsy houston gals are gonna be on tv tomorrow!
we'll be on a show called great day houston :D

click on the screen cap for a tad more info :)
wish me luck...
i'm skurred!


  1. eeeek! i'll watch then!!
    which boot camp do you go to? i was thinking of hitting up the south side derby... but i don't have the extra funds for all the gear at this moment... but i've been wanting to do derby for years!!!

  2. lizzie! yay! i'm recording it....hopefully... :)
    i go to the rec league's at the dairy ashford roller rink :D
    the next new girl sesh is in a couple weeks! you don't need your own gear - they let you skate + rent for $10!

  3. That is awesome news! Good luck, but mostly have fun:)

  4. I would watch but I don't think I can! :(

    Hope it all goes well lovely!

  5. Good luck, you will do great!

  6. Best Wishes!!!!!!


  7. oh my! Good luck! You are gonna be famous! ;)

  8. thanks y'all!! i'm about to post the video. weeeee!