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Monday, August 16, 2010

sewing room video tour :D

hi hi! i made a funny video for Leigh-Ann at Freckled Nest - if these photos interest you at all...go check it out!! :D

and if that doesn't interest you...
there's also a GIVEAWAY

tomorrow is the first official day of work.
good luck to all you amazing teachers making a difference in the world :D

here's the video :)
Let's be pals!! All over! :)


  1. Hee hee! That was a very, very cute video!! :)

  2. Hope you have a great day!!!

  3. Your dogs are adorable!!

    And congratulations and best of luck with your new job!

  4. love your dogs! found your blog via Freckled Nest & i just love it. have a great first day back. ;)

  5. That video was SO hilarious. I thought it was so funny I made my mom watch it, haha!

  6. thanks han! :D it was pretty good!
    librarian [i couldn't find your name! haha] - thank you very much! so is yours :D
    thank you, ana!
    holly, that's awesome! haha thanks! :D

  7. psst, ive put your button on my site now, instead of just a link :-)

    ps. stop making me want a dog so bad...

  8. woohoo! i added yours, too :)
    dogs are awesome! whatchu talkin' bout? :D

  9. your video was adorable. what good helpers you have! i need to teach my cats some useful skills so they can finally get jobs and support themselves.

  10. hey lady i loved your video!!! the dogs were hillarious!!!
    i really want to go to roller derby practice with you next time:)
    your sewing room is great!

  11. elycia - haha it's funny b/c [the female dogs at least - the two smaller ones] are ALWAYS laying around my sewing room. maybe they really DO want to help :) cats might be best...their paws seem like they'd do well with detail. haha
    bradi - haha thanks! yaaa it was weird this week b/c there was a meeting at fudrucker's instead of practice so i didn't go [stayed too late at work anyways :( ]. which one can you go to? since you've already been before...

  12. Good luck to you too! (My first day is Monday), Also, good luck with the new position!

  13. thanks alicia! monday's our first day with the kiddos - eek! have a swell monday :D

  14. Sorry--I didn't mean to hide my identity with the Medical Librarian part. It's Maria, your new pen pal in Nebraska. :)

  15. maria! :D
    i am letter writing tonight! hooray!

  16. Aww so cute :)

    I'd love to see a reply back on my blog :)

    love, polly

  17. haha you're funny polly. meet you at your blog!

  18. I loved your fun video and seeing your craft room. It totally inspired me not to give up n being crafty. I don't have room in my small apartment and it is frustrating. Someday, I hope to have something as cute as yours!

  19. hi GP! don't give up! i used to live in a craft area was a little bookshelf in the dining room where i kept my fabric...and everything else was stored in my bedroom or closet...and pulled out when i needed it! one day you can have more room. so glad you are making the best with what you've got! :D
    and honestly...i wonder if i worked better in a small area..hmm...haha

  20. omg!!!!!! the little elves part is THE BEST hahahahahah!!!

  21. i think it'd be kinda funny to think what roll tofu would play in this scenario. photographer? lawyer? haha

  22. I loved your video..the dogs are adorable...I thought it was awesome how you had them dressed up.
    Just recently I was in the Apple store...never been. I've always wanted a macbook pro. And when I seen that huge screen with the computer in it I was drooling....what do you think of your Mac? Someday I will have one.
    See you around! I'm in the Home Ec class....Angela Christenson.

  23. hi angela! thanks so much for the kind words :D
    i have a macbook that i purchased 3 years ago and i love it. anywhere i travel, it goes with me - and i absolutely love using it at work :)
    i definitely love my mac! i bought it a bit cheaper because my sister's boyfriend had it for a year and a half before me. if you plan on editing photos, websites, videos, etc i HIGHLY recommend it! the large screen helps oh-so-much :)

  24. I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  25. I won your giveaway and I am so excited!!
    I am 5 feet tall too. mini sized people are the best :)