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Monday, August 9, 2010

little known factoid GIVEAWAY ;)

hi friends!!

i'm trying a multiple prize giveaway this round! :D
first off, some random things you may not know about me.

1. i twirl my hair a LOT. and tie it into knots [soft knots...they don't stay!]
2. i grind my teeth. but not in my sleep...when i am kissing someone cute! like a puppy or kitten or something :) [it started when i was a toddler and gave my little sister smoochies haha]
3. my family has always thought of me as the "black sheep" - weird, right??
4. my eyes can vibrate super fast.
5. i've always loved math homework [go figure!]

Alright! Time for the GIVEAWAY!! :)
There will be TWO winners chosen. WOOT!

Prize #1
-"Sew Darn Cute" by Jenny Ryan. If you want to start making cute creations, [or continue!] then you will really like this book! :D
-"Best Friends Rock" tee in large - i'd say it fits like a big medium really.
-And a sweet pair of sunglasses from Delia's!
-PLUS a super secret surprise :)

Prize #2
- A very cute peach/tan and black peace sign scarf! i have two of these already! i love them! and it's thin so you can wear it in whatever weather :)
- A small notebook from Urban Outfitters - I am in LOVE with notebooks...sigh...
-And of course, a super secret surprise!! :)

Okay! Ways to enter:
[ONE comment PER entry] [you must be a follower]
1. Leave a comment stating 3-5 little known facts about yourself! :)
2. Tweet about the giveaway! [via @grrrfeisty - there's an extra "r"!]
3. Mention the giveaway in a blog entry and link it in the comments!
4. Fan/Like my Facebook page.
5. What kind of entries do you like to see in the blog?
6. If you buy anything from the shop that's 5 extra entries :D

Good Luck, friends!! :D The deadline is Friday, August 13th at midnight!
p.s. ya, random photo above...i haven't taken any lately! it's from july 31st's gritsy event!


  1. Random Facts about me
    1. I'm 5 foot 2 and a half inches tall and have one leg ever so slightly longer than the other (either way they are both short thus relating back to the first fact lol)
    2. I work in customer service - I am 1 of the 2 Twitter reps for the UK branch of the company I work for.
    3. I have one biological brother but a few family friends have gradually made it sibling ranking lol. So I have a second brother and a sister of sorts lol.
    4. I am a geek and I don't care who knows it lol
    5. I can play more than 10 musical instruments.

    Twitter link and blog link to follow

  2. awesome giveaway! i like learning facts about people...but i have a hard time thinking of interesting ones about myself on command. let's see:
    1. my hair hasn't been it's natural colour since a brief period in 1998.
    2. i really dislike mushrooms. i've tried to like them but i just can't. disgusting.
    3. i am an only child
    4. i love the smell of brand new binders
    5. one summer when i was a kid i watched dennis the menace (the movie) every single day.

    random enough? :)

  3. hiii :) i love the peace sign scarf!

    1. I figure skated competitively for 8 years
    2. I taught myself how to crochet and I'm obsessed!
    3. I hate politics and all things political. It makes my skin crawl. yucky

    xx, brittni

  4. You are just the cutest! Love it!
    1. I only drive barefoot. I have to take my shoes off. Even in Winter.
    2. I have a notebook that I carry with me EVERYWHERE for ideas, etc. It's almost full. So I need that new one. ;)
    3. I hate the taste of beer. I've never been able to drink it.
    4. I'm allergic to nutrasweet. It makes me pass out.
    5. One of my favorite words is "papaya". Say it out loud. Don't you love it? haha!

    Great giveaway, Miss Roxy!!! xoxo

  5. I "like" your shop on fb!!!
    (& of course, I'm a follower already!)

  6. Awesome blog, keep it up! :D

    1. I own an xobx 360 and one of my favorite games is Fallout 3

    2. I have recently found my newest passion...sewing!

    3. I have naturally curly hair

    4. I color coordinate my closet.

    5. I LOVE making pretty things.

  7. What a fun giveaway!
    1) I am scared of spiders, but I love the beauty of the webs they create!
    2) I am the youngest of 3 children.
    3) I am a news junkie!


  8. I "Like" you on facebook and I am a follower of your blog of course!


  9. This is a fab giveaway. It's great to read all the random facts about everyone.

    mine are:
    1) My feet shrank from a U.K. size 5 to a 2 1/2 when I was 15 (I'm sure they're meant to grow in your teens right!?!)
    2) I've had a piece of artwork displayed at the Tate Modern in London.
    3) I used to have to wear hearing aids as a kid.
    4) I'm allergic to pineapple.
    5) I am double jointed in my little fingers.

  10. love the tshirt. :]

    1. I swear I get high off the smell of cedar. Best smell in the world.
    2. I'm frequently found in either the sheet music or childrens' section of the library :]
    3. I have an obsession with hedgehogs. and the lower case letter a. and the color yellow. (I obsess a lot...)
    4. I still sleep with stuffed animals.
    5. I hate how reliant our culture is on technology. One of my biggest pet peeves is people with super duper fancy phones, because... really? they're just so silly. ;)


  11. 1. i believe i have to pee more than the average person, which is weird cuz i dont drink that many beverages!

    2. i can move both my eye brows, at the same time and separately.

    3. i stepped on a jello fish in PEI once. it hurt and the lifeguard pored an unknown liquid on my foot to make it feel better.

    4. i really like to sing french songs.

    5. im afraid of silence

  12. love this giveaway! here's my random facts:

    1. i change my hair color a lot
    2. i still get scared of the dark even at my age
    3. i love making jewelry
    4. my mother is teaching me how to sew and so far i love it
    5. i love to read!

  13. 1. I always have to sleep on my side and with my back toward the middle of the bed. It doesn't matter what side of the bed that I'm on.
    2. I wish I was pregnant again..shhh!!!
    3. I have an obession with every and all office supplies. I love notebooks and pens and cool staplers.
    4. I always sing in the car. My son thinks I'm crazy but I love it.

  14. tweeted about the giveaway!

  15. Here are my 5 random facts about myself

    1: I stopped drinking Mountain Dew soda about 10 years ago due to heart palpitations.

    2: I broke my left ankle when I was 16 and broke the left foot when I was 31. I do not like the left side of my body I think.

    3: I teach 3rd and 4th grade Math but my Bachelor of Arts is in Political Science and English.

    4: I try to read 50 books a year.

    5: I love old school horror movies and hate when I hear that some of them are being remade.

  16. I couldn't find your facebook page:(
    I like to see your music videos they make me laugh!
    And your crafts, I love to see what you come up with.

  17. you're so fun!! random facts:

    1.i tend to sing several words or sentences throughout the day, not because im a wonderfully talented singer, but is a soooong!!
    2.i am an only child with an extremely active imagination, even in my adult life...which is probably why i couldn't sleep by myself on the couch last night thinking of all the ghosts in the room.
    3.i can't stand when children disrespect their parents or elders. i used to keep it to myself but now i speak my mind in line at the grocery store...i have to live in this world with them too. ;)
    4.i've always wanted to visit denmark...dont know why, but i do.
    5.sometimes at the gym i dance to my ipod (quietly, of course) in between reps. that might not be as secret as i think it is. haha!


  18. 1. My older sister is 10 years older than me and was adopted out at birth. I didn't know about her or meet her until I was 11 years old.

    2. I have been to visit someone in prison.

    3. I have never left NZ, and November will be the first time- going to Australia for a week!

    4. When I was little I used to steal lollies from the pantry, because my Mum didn't let us have them very often. Then one time I stole fruit cake mix instead, thinking it would be lollies. The orange rind alone has put me off fruit cake for life.

    5. I have a good job in an office, but sometimes I really really miss restaurant and cafe work.

    More entries to follow!

  19. fun giveaway! that peace scarf is so rad!

    1. i'm a middle child.
    2. both of my kids are lefties (i'm a rightie, so their handwriting is awful and i apologize now to their future teachers).
    3. i loved math homework, too! i got an A in my AP calculus class. alas, not having practiced in nearly 7 years means it's another language, now. i'm thinking of picking up a book...

  20. fun!!!

    1. I lived in Germany for two years after college.
    2. I have three brothers--I am the only girl!
    3. I am really geeky and love vampires, star wars, ancient runes, harry potter... silly things like that!
    4. i have ocd which sometimes makes me RAGE!
    5. i am terrible at math, but very good at public speaking!

  21. 1) I like spiders. Tarantulas mostly.

    2) I, too, love math. And English. I started out as a Math major and switched and got my B.A. in English. I've often thought about going back to take more math classes.

    3) I diagram sentences for fun. And my idea of a good time is solving a cryptogram. So, I can relate to you and your love of math homework.

  22. I want that peace sign scarf so badly XD...

    1. I grind my my sleep, Ive always done that...weird.
    2. I have more guy friends than girl friends...girls in real life don't like me :p but online I have more crafty girl friends :)
    3. I don't eat meat
    4. I don't listen to music in Spanish nor watch TV in Spanish...I'm Mexican BTW :p
    5. ...I'm like 5f short :) and my shoes are size 3....yeah.

  23. i follow!

    1. i eat 5 green olives everyday.
    2. i sewed my husbands duvet cover.
    3. i can't wait to see piranhas 3D.

    i wanna wwwiiiinnn!

  24. ~ I love making random facts about myself

    1. I still use baby powder after bath and sometimes I use it on my armpits
    2. I can say I'm quite out of the box. When most of people brushing their teeth while showering, I brush it while I'm poop-ing
    3. I choose blogging to share my thoughts because I've already had a diary to share my life with
    4. I have a big crush with guys with beard and curly hair

    ~ I've tweeted your giveaway (@astyhapsari)

    ~ I do follow your blog ;)

    ~ too bad I can't find your page on Facebook, but I'll try to find later

    ~ what I like to see from your blog? your works and your teaching activity would be nice, I think

    ~ check this

    thank you :D

  25. Great stuff! This giveaway is perfect!

    I can vibrate my eyes too, weird!

    I can juggle.

    I can't use superglue without gluing myself to myself or something else.

    My favorite color is grey!

    I have this weird obsession for smells like crayons and playdoh... I guess I just miss being a kid.

  26. hey roxy- my friend jess larue will be there tonight. she said i wouldn't be skating with your group tonight since i've already been. but have fun! and sorry i can't be there to meet you in person!

  27. Lovely prizes :)
    1. I am the ONLY one in my ENTIRE family with red hair!
    2. I have a 19 year old cat.
    3. I have a ham radio license.
    4. I have a coca cola memorabilia collection.
    5. My lucky number is 5 ;)

  28. Just like your shop on facebook too!!! :)

  29. I "Liked" you on FB!

    I love your blog/crafty things.!

  30. I blogged about the give-away! Eeee!

  31. heyy foxy roxy! ;] Awesome giveaway!!

    1. I CANNOT sleep with my feet covered or with socks on. It's totally weird.
    2. I once slept in a Walmart for an entire week so that I could be one of the first in Springfield to buy a PS3.
    3. When I was little I met Garth Brooks. My mom and I were walking through the parking lot to get to the arena and we walked right into him. Got a picture with him and everything! :]
    4. I've never broken a bone.
    5. I'm absolutely terrified of the dark.

  32. I just liked your shop on Facebook! <33

  33. I love all of your cute photos! I'm very visual, so the more pictures, the better. :]
    I also love any how-to posts and posts about what craft/hobbies you're currently working on.
    Loves! xx.

  34. What kind of entries do you like to see in the blog?

    --More fun fun videos and cute photos :)

  35. I looooooooooooooooove love love that scarf. So much. Where is it from? Because if I don't win, I'm going to have to pick one up! Haha.

    I tie my hair into knots sometimes too. Like, take half of my hair and just tie it in a loose knot, haha. Weird.

    I totally grind my teeth like maaaaaaaad. So much that I chipped my front tooth. Whoops. Sometimes I wake up and my teeth have been bleeding because I've been grinding my teeth so much.

    I looooooove love love love LOVE sheep! Sheep are my absolute favourite things. :)

    One of my favourite TV shows is Monk. I haven't watched the last season though, because I don't want it to be over! Hahaha.

    I would rather be cold than warm. I hate being too hot!

  36. Love this giveaway!
    Lets see...random facts...

    1) I am double-jointed in all of my fingers except the pinky on my left little sister is only double-jointed in one finger...the pinky on her left hand! Weird!

    2) I like travelling backwards...whenever I'm on a train or a bus, I try to sit facing the back of the idea why...

    3) I once spent 3 hours sticking glow-in-the-dark stars on my bedroom ceiling...with an encyclopedia to make sure they were astronomically correct!

    4) I have a star named after me!

    5) I'm most comfortable in or on the water. I have a licence to drive a power boat, and use a marine radio, and have done sea survival training a few times, but I can't drive a car...

    Great giveaway, and I love your blog! :)

  37. Bahahhaa another random fact? I just read all of the comments to learn some random facts about random people I don't know! (Well, okay, I follow a few of their blogs. Haha!)

  38. - i'm allergic to kiwis
    - i have two hairless cats
    - I looove hooping
    - in seventh grade i missed 25 days of school, and still got all A's
    - I drink tea every day

  39. random stuff bout little ole me:

    1) i've hit the bullseye with a bow and arrow
    2) i can read insanely fast. like 30 seconds a page....i was timed once
    3) i can eat an entire baguette in one sitting. especially if it just came out of the oven.

    yay for giveaways!

  40. 1. you're my oldest and shortest cousin

    2. you are part of my wedding party

    3. you now have an iphone technology phones rock! :)

    4. i love ichating with you it makes me laugh!!

    5. we share the most awesome grandparents!

  41. 1. I don't know how to explain it well but I have ridiculous fast vision, I can catch something very minute moving very fast, its weird
    2. I have a 5 cookie limit before I want to barf
    3. For my wedding gift my husband bought me a turtle
    4. I love the smell of new carpeting in a house


  42. I also liked you on FB


  43. i tweeted! well, it was a retweet of your tweet, so I hope that counts. (@goodknits)

  44. Little known facts about me:
    1. I am a certified scuba diver.
    2. I used to have a dog named Zildjian that was named after the cymbal brand because my dad was a drummer.
    3. I call my mom mom-friend, a nickname that started a long time ago.
    4. My favorite Beatle is Paul. :)

  45. 1. I am 27 and still think broccoli is disgusting.

    2. I have freckled lips which my husband says is why he first fell for me.

    3. I hate taking showers but would rather be in bodies of water than anywhere else

  46. I retweeted your giveaway! @dcme20009

  47. I like you on FB! (stephanie Dc)

  48. 1. I love tea! I drink at least 3 cups a day!

    2. I can't stand the feeling of anything chalky!

    3. Lavender is my all time favorite scent!

  49. just under the wire!

    ok, 3-5 little known facts...
    1. i HATE things to touch my belly button.
    2. i try (and often fail) at being a vegetarian.
    3. my right thumb is slightly longer than my left.
    4. i have a small scar above my left eye from falling in the bathtub as a toddler.
    5. i'm not a fan of chocolate.

    thanks grrfiesty for an awesome giveaway! can't wait to see more pics from roller derby boot camp!


  50. 1. I pee in the shower
    2. I wish I had a unicorn
    3. I can't go commando...I always wear underpants

  51. Fact 1 about me: I hate raisins. I don't like them alone, in my cookies, or tainting my trail mix.

    Fact 2: I have 2 fake teeth because I was born without the permanent ones.

    Fact 3: I stalk Roxy via her blog.


  52. 1. i am 20
    2. i have terriblllee anxiety.
    3. i take on way too many projects!
    4. i love cats
    5. i love your blog :)