grrfeisty: feisty little weekend

Monday, August 23, 2010

feisty little weekend

i spent most of the weekend surrounded by empowered women :)
[whenever daniel takes my photograph you can tell how little i am! hahaha]

i did a bit of sewing, too :D
[the empowered women were my pooches, of course!]

the roller derby bouts saturday night were SO MUCH FUN.  a couple gal pals from work joined me - they might even start coming to the boot camp!
one derby chick, baby face assassin [bayou city bosses], was insane!  she's shorter than me [by about an inch] and was flying passed everyone.  totally my hero.
i want to be that tiny blur!! haha

i was also impressed by a member of the beaumont team, C-Rex [#22].
she ran on her toe stops before she pushed herself off.  it was really cool.  i met her when i bought my skates a few weeks ago! :D
aaaand i finally saw carmen geddit - the derby girl who encouraged me in this post to come out and play! :D
on the far left, #37, carmen geddit!
[this bout is the psych ward sirens vs the brawlers]

i was extremely pumped after saturday night's game :)
the photograph way up top is from a practice sesh i had sunday evening...with myself.
definite progress!

also.....i bought a shirt :)
everyone put your derby face on for the first day of school!!!


  1. I went to a roller derby workshop a couple of weeks ago and it was so much fun! Also, a major workout!

  2. ya! i'm going again tomorrow night :D

  3. how fun!!
    my old boss is is on the Cincinnati Roller Girls team...her name is Deep Threat. Love it. good luck!!!

  4. Ah, awesome! You're going to have a blast doing this. :)