last days in miami :)

hola! things have been pretty chill here in miami 🙂
my sister and i have been hanging out with my family a lot. it’s nice to see them, even if it’s only twice a year! 🙁 
i have also been doing a lot of work work. on vacation?? yes… but i got a lot done! hooray!
other things i’ve done include
had some girl time at the beach 🙂
made my family put on some dorky glasses 🙂
bought some cute nail polish 🙂
sewed and photographed my cousin. 🙂
baked some cupcakes 🙂
celebrated my sister’s birthday 🙂
here’s a photo of my as a baybayyy

and shopped for some wedding dresses with my cousin and her posse hahaha

i head back home on saturday and then the work stuff begins! eeee!
i’m presenting for the first time at professional development and am a bit nervous.
i hope everybody has had a great summer. i know mine was insane!
be sure to check out my etsy shop!
i updated it today and will be doing some more work on it tomorrow 🙂



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