grrfeisty: tiny texas towns

Monday, May 24, 2010

tiny texas towns

a week ago i took the day off to make my way back from renegade.
here are some of my purchases:
these two were my absolute favorite purchases!

some of you probably recognize this lady's work!
i bought a couple prints from elsie - one for me and one for my sister.

this photo appeared in my last post.
i bought this perdy dress from bleubirdvintage

texas pride :)

i also purchased a couple t-shirts from enthos - beautiful and SOFT stuff :)
i can't post the rest because they are surprise gifts!

so on the way back on monday, i stopped in Smithville, TX for about an hour.  I walked around downtown, as well as the little neighborhoods around it.  it's a very peaceful experience...photographing little towns while everyone is at work or school...

i'm a sucker for brick.

fin :)


  1. super cute post, that dress is adorable im jealous haha

  2. I love all the textures and lovely light you captured on those photos!!

  3. lovely finds at renegade!
    I love the pictures you took too.. they came out awesome!

  4. Those photos are amazing!! Looks like Texas should definitely be on my list of places to visit :)

  5. YAY!! The pictures look great!

    I love Elsie's and Bluebird Vintage's blogs. They are two of my favorites!

    You bought some really great stuff, too! :)

  6. just found you blog! love it! that's such a cool town! and a very cute dress!

  7. monster - thank you! :D
    batzy - thanks! i try real hard... :)
    laura - it was so hard to limit my renegade finds! :) thanks!

  8. ashley - why thank you!
    kara - it shoulda been at the top, woman! haha :D
    marci - ya! aren't they neat-o! and thanks!
    courtney - welcome and thank you! :D

  9. you're a doll!
    so happy to have found your blog.


  10. Great pictures and finds at Renegade!! I hope I will get to go shop around next year.

    I came across your blog and love it. I am an English teacher in Houston, glad to meetcha. :)

  11. I want to go to smithville!!!!! it looks so fun

  12. All those photos from smithville are so lovely. I grew up in Texas..this post makes me miss it a little. :)

  13. abby - which school are you at??
    alexz - it was extremely peaceful :) i will definitely be going back!
    erin - texas is so great....we have so much pride for some reason?? but i love it!! :D why did you leave?

  14. I'm in the Klein District, closer to Spring than Houston I suppose. :)

  15. that's so funny. i know some people who live in smithville.

  16. Wow....I love these photos! Excellent work!

    artsyrockerchick at aol dot com

  17. abby - cool! i love finding houstonians :D
    danielle - really? it's so cute!!
    amy - thank you!! i love photography :D

  18. You`re really good at photography!

  19. Love your photographs of Smithville!

  20. i wish I could go to renegade in brooklyn this weekend! everyone always gets such great stuff! I love the fox!

  21. cannaria - thank you! :)
    jenn - thanks! :)
    madison - i was incredibly impressed by the work at renegade :)