what up in HURR

i just got back from my late night [ok it was only 8pm..] hair appointment!  my haircuts always happen on a whim…i’m like ew…my ends…and BAM, i call it in!
notice the dark hair going down around my chin/neck, and the liiight brown leftover from last year’s dye!
look at all the darksies! and it will definitely be back to being ridiculously long in no time.
can you ever just take ONE picture in photobooth??
by the by, i LOVED every single comment left on the BUFFY post.  sadly, [or super enthusiastically?!] i really like talking about tv, and joss whedon, and all things dorky.  so much love for my bloggyblog friends! <3
p.s. i promise those are two different blue shirts i am wearing in the photos. haha
p.p.s. dang you PMS boobs.
p.p.p.s. this is what happens when you take one giant 105 lb dog rollerblading with you.



  1. It looks great! Ouch, did your doggie drag you around?! That's why I am so scared to take my dogs while biking (lol). Did you take that pic with a phone app? I have one that does that, is why I ask 🙂

  2. jamie – thank you! i noticed another hair post earlier tonight – it's getting warm! time to chop those locks! haha
    alyssa – daniel's dog LOVES high speed rollerblading [as in, pulling daniel SUPER fast]. i can't handle it so i made him go slow and STILL ate it! haha and yes! it's a phone app. I LOVE IT b/c the mytouch camera sucks.
    jamie – thank you jaime!
    ed – thank you 😀

  3. love the hair!! not so much the cut knee though. that happened to me once when I was in 4th grade, and I ripped my favorite pair of lime green corduroy overalls.

  4. Your hair looks great! 🙂 I love going for haircuts. It always makes me feel good (and I love when they wash your hair!).

  5. Your knee pic made me nauseous. Or rather, not so much the pic, as the image it conjured in my mind of concrete peeling away skin. So, thanks for that.

    PS. A lil' more than jealous over your long hair.

  6. Your hair cut look really good! I am in need of some hair transformation…just do not know what I want to do yet.

    Also, who is your favorite on Gilmore Girls? Mine is Rory of course. That goes to the other bloggers/commentators too!


  7. A) Your hair look AMAZING before and after!!
    B) LOLZ @ pms boobs. They hurt.
    C) Your knee looks freaking hardcore.

  8. brooke – lime green cords? i want!! 😀 luckily these jeans were already ripped. so maybe that's why i scraped my knee? haha smart…
    aubrey – thanks! oh the wash is definitely one of my favorite parts! i want to close me eyes but i don't want to be creepy…haha
    tyler – i am excited for it to grow out again and be all one color! yay! 😀
    diana – haha like i'd ever fit in your tiny tot clothing!
    danielle – for realz. i can't kneel because it's bruised too! i feel lame. haha
    lissy – sorry lissy! i thought that it was blurry enough to not gross anyone out. i need my long hair for twirling 🙂
    danielle – i <3 jess
    kara – thanks! and YES. pms boobs are huge and painful. haha my knee injury makes me feel like a loser! especially bc it happened in front of 2 older men who looked at me like i was crazy before asking me if i was ok. hahaha

  9. I found you through FN! Your blog is so cute! I love your new haircut! I totally do the same thing "eww my ends" and then I have to have it cut ASAP!


  10. alexz – haha just being pms-sy and honest! har harrr
    peptogirl – welcome! and thanks…it's healed a bit!
    cat – thanks! and i'm glad it's not just me 🙂

  11. Your hair looks so great!!! Loved your Buffy post too, I was SEVEN when the pilot aired (I'm 22 now!) & it's been my favourite show ever since.


  12. I always cut my hair on a whim like that. One day it's fine & the next day I can't stand to go another day without a cut. 😛 Looks like you have nice thick hair!

  13. tara – haha you make me feel old! [but i'm only 5 years older…haha]
    blink – ya! it is thick! so i can't ever decide to chop too much off or it's a poof haha 🙂
    mathilde – i don't know where the idea came from haha 😀 thanks!
    ashley – thank you! 🙂
    laura – cool! i was just in dallas! sometimes i'm glad i come off as energetic! sometimes i am not! haha

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