grrfeisty: snack love + vintage video

Saturday, April 17, 2010

snack love + vintage video

i've been hearing about how amazing vitatops are for a while now.  i almost purchased some a month ago, but shipping was a be-otch because they need to be kept frozen!  while i was in the freezer aisle of HEB, however, there they were!!  so i purchased a box of vitatops in "deep chocolate."
here are some awkward photos of the joy a deep chocolate vitatop brought to my life.
so a vitatop is like a muffin top.  it's a tad softer, and pretty darn tasty!  i was definitely surprised because most "healthy" chocolate flavored things are bitter or bland.
and supposedly it's full of vitamins. hence, "vita" top.

on a more ethnic note, today has been pretty hispanic.  i can say this because i, myself, am of cuban descent...
my neighbors [behind me] had a barbeque earlier and were blasting tejano music so loud, i thought the speaker was in my backyard.  i didn't mind it, really. but a few hours later there was a giant moonwalk towering over the fence, and millions of little hispanic children screaming - because jumping up and down is scary? PLUS, since their house is on a main street [no curbside parking] all the party guests are parked on the grassy median.  this is hilarious to me because parking on the lawn is quite a hispanic thing to do [see: my family in the '90s, miami, florida].
speaking of which, here's an old video [3 yrs old on youtube] featuring my childhood self and my cuban folks.  i gotta's seriously cute. hahaha

change the settings to "480p" for better quality.


  1. i must try a vitatop!
    that tAp looks good on u btw.
    and omg i love this video (oldie but goodie <3 <3)

  2. I love how sassy you are munchin' on that Vita top. Haha :)

    Meaghan @ Urban Farm Designs

  3. i forget i have these old videos on youtube! haha
    i try, meaghan! it was the only way to keep myself from scarfing it down! hahaha

  4. Roxy, I don't mean to alarm you, but in the year 2044, something terrible is going to happen. For many, it is their dream, but I don't believe they have considered some of the less obvious ramifications. It seems that there will be a wrinkle in time, and people like you and me will be around 7 or 8 years old again. We will be reduced to answering intrusive questions about our activities by invisible pseudo-parental figures, our answers stored on an analog device with low-fidelity playback. I can only speak for myself, and I do not want this. I am glad that your video has revealed this cataclysm to the internet. We must do what we can to resist!

  5. hahaha que? que? que? que? carlos you so crazaaaay.

  6. glad you finally got to get those vitatops!!! :) HEARTTT ITTTTTT.