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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


like me! tee hee!
first off, i wasted far too much time debating some purchases online tonight.  i ended up WAITING [no fun!] because i know it is the best choice right now.

do you have a holga? what kind? how does it make you feel? ;)

also...i really like playing with photoshop.  after helping my BFF with her widgets, i decided maybe i can help out others?  i'm not sure if it's overstepping, or tacky, or what.  please email me any feelings you have towards it...

one more thing! i keep forgetting i have a formspring account!  until i read tweets, blogs, etc from others.
ask me things. silly things. lovely things? :D
i <3 you?
x + o = math love


  1. Oh yes, online shopping choices are so hard sometimes.

    Love the pictures!

  2. LOL, you're the cutest! Love the pics! I don't have a holga but it's definitely on my ever-growing wish list. Hope you have a great day! xo

  3. I doooo have a Holga and it makes me feel warm n' fuzzy! I blog about it sometimes:

    And I'm picking up more prints this afternoon, so I'll have new ones to post too :)

  4. I want a holga sooooo much! If you get about it! =)

  5. laura - thank you! haha that dress keeps me entertained ;)
    jamie - i was a good girl and added it to my wishlist last night! i'm trying to justify the purchase...haha
    kara - awesome! i looked through them - so pretty!! what kind do you have? 35mm or 120mm?
    cal - oh yes. if i ever get one i will go crazy blogging about it! haha

  6. I got a holga for christmas but havent quite learned how to use it yet, which makes me feel sad and neglectful. I should work on that this wknd.

  7. I have a Holga CFN 120 and I LOVE it, you can take so many great photos with it. :) The only negative thing is that the films are a bit expensive. :)

  8. virginia - i'm kinda worried about being in the same situation! getting so excited and then neglecting my little holgie.
    lu - that's kinda why i was thinking about getting a'd be a tad cheaper in the long run!

  9. I love all of the crazycute photos that you post! you, my dear, are just the cutest.
    I want an Holga so baddd!!

  10. First of all, I was sent here via Freckled Nest.

    I love your blog, It's so fun I could help but smile even though It's my first time here.

    I have a Holga and it's a black 120cfn. I wish I would have gotten one of the colored kind because they are way more cutesy. It's helped me a lot with perspective and not being so concerned with getting the photos perfect. My only regret is that it's a little pricey to get 120 film processed.

    Here's a link to my Flickr set of Holga, I haven't scanned in very many though. Check it out if you have the time:


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