grrfeisty: a good time in 29 seconds [video!]

Friday, April 23, 2010

a good time in 29 seconds [video!]

hi new people [and darling "old" friends]! welcome and thanks for stopping by! enjoy my silliness :)

she's a peach, she's a doll, she's a paaaaaal of miiiiiiine :D

making up a song about from roxy rodriguez on Vimeo.
hi! this is me staying at daniel's parents' house. hahaha


  1. Okay you are silly...but that is just one reason why I heart you so.

    By the way, I love Jess too. He was much more suited for Rory than Dean. But then Jess became a superhero and Dean became Sam and is hunting demons now with his brother named DEAN!


  2. You are so frickin' funny. Def made me laugh right when I needed it.

    PS. My word verification is "butreek" (she giggles immaturely)

  3. That was so super cute & funny!! Haha love it :)

  4. hahah you are so silly! i love it :) let's get together and play.

  5. i love the eyes on the monsters in your etsy store (the long legs ones), so cute!

    have a great weekend!

  6. AWw, this is a cute and goofy song- I love it! You seem really sweet. :)

  7. HI! I am here from the Freckled nest! Your shop is adorable! I am also from Houston TX! Glad to have found your blog:)

  8. Too cute! I love Coraline, Neil Gaiman, and TMBG!

    I popped on over from FN :)

  9. danielle - haha thank youuuu ;)
    i never really got into "dean"'s new show...but heroes...oh yes!
    lissy - haha! sometimes i giggle at the strangeness of those little forms
    jamie - yay! thank you! :D
    elycia - your sandbox or mine? haha :)
    mary - haha but normal is so boring.. :D
    aubrey - haha yay!

  10. Hello Blogger-Whom-I-Follow and my very own pen pal. If I win the Freckled Nest give-away... well, I'll be really happy. That's what!

    I sent you a letter back. Maybe you got it already!

  11. hi lily! i haven't received it yet, but i am out of town. hopefully it will be waiting for me upon my return :D

  12. Here, via FN. OMG you are soooo silly! By the way, I loooove Coraline!

  13. Visiting from FN. Haha, nice video! :)

  14. I love that movie! My sister and I saw it in 3D and it was awesome!

    I'm also super excited that mustachasaurus comes in headband form!


  15. haha Glaveston, TX! :]
    I know the beaches kinda sort of suck, but I've gone there every summer since I was little so it's kind of like a second home.
    Actually, I think I'm the only one in my family that still enjoys going there, haha.

  16. Umm okay that was so HILARIOUS! I love it.

  17. ewww nasty! haha. I love how everyone got in and then got stuck.
    and holy snap, what the heck was that muddy crap on top of the water?! ew ew ewww.

  18. Hi Roxy, I'm Roxanne! I was so excited to spot a fellow Indie Biz mate on the Freckled Nest! I adore your shop so much; I can't wait to see what else you've got up your sleeve.

  19. "mushtachasaurus"?! HAHA! awesome.... i love it.
    (here from FN!)

  20. Hi!...from FN
    First time here and GOSH! I love your layout :#

  21. HI! I am here from the Freckled nest!
    I love your shop and blog!

  22. haha, you're a goof (;
    I love your mustache dino-too cute!

  23. haha!! so cool. :D
    i'm visiting from LA's blog. i'm so hoping to win that giveaway. your headband is extremely cute!!

  24. Freckled nest sent me to your blog, and I'm so glad she did. You are so adorable, and your etsy shop is great. On my way to become a follower.

  25. haha! Your blog is quirky - love it.
    Stumbled upon you via Freckled Nest! Would love to win one of your cute headbands..

  26. Yep. You're the cutest thing ever.

  27. haha wow, loved it! def made me giggle. your shop is cute!

  28. Hello! I'm a FN sponsor (dirty laundry). I just wanted to stop by and say hello!

    Stay creative!

  29. LOL!! That video is awesome. I came here from FL, but I absolutely love this blog and must follow it.

    Plus, even if I don't win, I will have that mustachasaurus in my life. That is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen. Prosh, if you will.

  30. Your a nut!!! Love it!!!! It made me smile and I needed that...Thank you!!!!
    I already follow your wonderful blog but I am stoping by to say HI!!!! from Freckled Nest!!! Hope you are having fun on your trip!!!

  31. Hello! Found you via the Freckled Nest giveaway! haha your video was so funny!
    Sarah m

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  33. visiting from FN, hoping to win the mini mustachasaurus headband it's so fun!!!

    i'm leaving this tab open to watch the video later, i should be in bed!!

  34. hehehehehehe :D

    waving at u,
    trace :}

  35. jacqueline - isn't it such a cute movie!? :)
    cheryl - thanks!
    mindy - thank you!
    kristen - thanks!
    mandy - no you ahhh :) luckily that video wasn't filmed in BEACH water...not sure what is was. it was like a "sand" bank in the middle of a lake thing near the ocean.
    sarah - i saw coraline in 3D as well - it was grand! i'm glad you like the mustachasaurus :D
    alyssa - haha i'm glad more than just me get a giggle out of it!
    roxanne - i remember you from club indie :) thank you for the kind words!
    okdanielson - thank you!
    batzy - thank you! i love trees, too :)
    elena - thank you and welcome!
    hope - thanks :)
    erica - i won't deny it! :D

  36. shaina - i'm glad you like it!
    elisa - yay! thanks! and i just saw the pictures of your puppy - so cute!!
    laura - thank you!
    brianne - aw, thank you, brianne :)
    lindsay - ha! i like quirky - hooray!
    kara - haha thanks kara ;)
    anna - thank you, anna!
    vanessa - thanks!
    jeanee - hi!! :D
    tara - aw thank you! i'm glad you like my space :) i like yours! :D
    kjirsten - i'm so happy i could makeyou smile! :D and thanks!
    sarah - thank you! :D
    tara - haha too cute! i hope you ended up watching it!
    trace - ;)