mail time!! :D

coming home from work has been so great lately.  there’s been loads of mail on my floor!  [on the floor as opposed to in a mailbox because i currently have a mail slot…]
some of it has been things i ordered and some has been wonderful pen pal mail.  but today…oh today….

today i received a yummy bar of soap from the lovely christine, moo cards, AAAAAAAAND my HAPPY MAIL 😀
Carrie is my super amazing happy mail partner, and my oh my, did she outdo herself! i only hope my gift at least MET her expectations! i’m nervous! i received a thirfted fox, little notebook, a fox tote, coffee scented air freshener, and a DELICIOUS cadbury chocolate bar with which i am currently stuffing my face. 🙂
oh, but one of my favorite things carrie gave me:
the package was decorated SOOO beautifully! i cut this piece out to remember it 🙂
more mail treats from today:

eeee! ok, time to get back to watching some season 6 buffy [oh james marsters..] and a bit of sewing.



  1. Looks like the paper is coming off the top of the notebook because I didn't modge podge it down… grrr… sorry, it was an after thought 😉

  2. Yay for happy mail!! How do you like your Moo cards? I've been thinking about ordering some ever since LA mentioned it…but I think I need more reviews first…
    Happy Weekend!

  3. Amazing happy mail! I'm expecting some of my own soon and I'm stoked about it 🙂

  4. carrie – i like the notebook! it's so cute – and i didn't know you made it! i though tit was a purchase 😀
    aubrey – it's the bestest!
    kodijo – i'm so glad 🙂
    jamie – haha yay foxy!!
    meesh – i love them! i've ordered some free ones before and the paper is so thick and smooth…i think you can get samples of the moo and the large sized ones 🙂
    kara – oooo i'm excited for you!! 😀
    elycia – thanks! i was very lucky 🙂

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