grrrr, arghhhh

if those two words mean anything to you, then you would probably be one of my bestest pals 🙂

ever since dedicating a significant amount of time to sewing, i’ve become obsessed with television.  not current television…but past seasons…of popular shows.
for example, in the past year i’ve watched every season of weeds, dexter [minus current], bones, felicity, angel, and i am currently watching six feet under [<3!].  even MORE recently…i started watching buffy again.  i adore joss whedon!
i avidly watched btvs from middle school through high school and into college [7 years!]
well around september last year i went to a huge showing of “once more with feeling” – the buffy musical.  it was incredibly fun! and anytime the annoying sister came on screen someone shouted “SHUT UP DAWN!”  it was SUCH a blast!!  plus the girl that plays “tara” [amber benson] was the special guest and even sang along to her number! ha!

last week i re-watched the musical episode, then i started season 6 over, and now i am being ultra lame and watching all the buffy/spike episodes over and over. hahaha it’s weird…one of those shows you can get into repeatedly!  and think about the characters’ lives during the regular day…do you ever do that?  i remember when i read the harry potter series i thought about the stories and their world when i wasn’t reading and felt like a giant dork 😀
i love this song…it’s the intro. oh goodness, i’m being such a monster dork…
but you’ve got to admire a cast that sings their own parts.
i mean they’re not amazing, but they are incredibly fun. if you aren’t into buffy the vampire slayer i apologize for boring you. users, get on “watch instantly” and check it out 😀
please tell me something dorky about yourself…so i can feel a little better? haha
by the way, if you haven’t watched it – i posted a video of myself as a child



  1. Omg amazing. I never watched Buffy but I too love Joss…I'm OBSESSED with Firefly and Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog. Have you SEEN that yet?!?!?!

  2. i watched do. horrible's singalong blog! and some people have suggested i watch firefly [i watched serendipity and apparently it's based off firefly? or vise versa?]. anyways, yes! i have a list of shows i still have to watch! haha 😀

  3. Something dorky about myself? Girl I will give you 5 THINGS dorky about myself.

    1) I am also an avid fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and am thrilled Joss Whedon is directing the Avengers movie.

    2)I collect comic books.

    3)I watch Gilmore Girls over and over and its no longer produced.

    4)I had a Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection marathon last week. This week its all about Rainbow Brite.

    5)I have a Hello Kitty coloring book.

    How is that for dorky?


  4. Toooootally watch Firefly! I loved it so much. I guess Joss W. also made the Dollhouse, which is next on my Netflix queue…

    There are so many things I nerd out about… Ryan & I are currently watching ALL of the NCIS series. Yeah. It's so good though. 😉


  5. daneille – i love the gilmore girls! i watch the reruns like crazy and just bought all 7 seasons for my sister. haha
    meaghan – i think i'll watch firefly next 🙂 daniel [the bf] just finished the series. plus i like the redhead – she's from an old disney series i used to watch! haha

  6. Oh my goodness…where to begin with the awesomeness of this post…I LOVE JOSS WHEDON!!!! Buffy is my all time favorite show. I actually didn't watch it on tv but was introduced thanks to the dvds. I have watched the entire series start to finish multiple times and in between I watch my favorite episodes. I'm reading the season 8 comics now. I loved going to the sing-along, too. Amber Benson wasn't at mine…jealous.

    I don't know how Joss does it, but he is amazing! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything he does! Buffy, Dr. Horrible, Firefly. He's awesome!!!

    p.s. I'm a huge Gilmore Girls fan, too. 🙂

  7. oh me oh my. repeating the others i am also a sick joss whedon fan. I have all the buffy seasons and have watched them about 7 times over. i just started them again! cuz buffy starting playing on cable (much music) again and i was jealous cuz i was missing the episodes. also have firefly (awesome show but it was cancelled after 14 episodes…that is why they made the movie instead taking the same story but changing it so its not as good) also have all Angel seasons, and dollhouse. i have 3 of the newest graphic novels and sometimes i stop in to chapters on my way home from work and read the 4th one 🙂

    i have the once more with feelign entire episode on audio on my ipod and when i play it in the car i like to pretend i am buffy in the show so not only do i sing all her parts but i also say her lines with her.

    ^excuse the novel and the epic toolness of me when it comes to buffy


  8. hahaa I used to watch that show, my best friend looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar and in grade school people use to call her buffy :-p
    Anyways, I think my geeky thing is that I have a soft spot for the Lord of the Rings movies! & star wars! No clue where it came from haha but I love them!

  9. marci – my boyfriend saw a couple buffy comics when he went to the comicbook store and got them for me…but i'm so confused! haha they are part 3 and 4 and i've never read them before. do the comics start after season 7 ended on tv?
    tyler – i only own seasons 1 – 3 because i downloaded the rest on college. haha but they are all on instant netflix so i've been using that. i only just downloaded the once more with feeling soundtrack! i play it when i'm alone in my car… 😀 i haven't gotten into dollhouse yet…but i was OBSESSED with angel last summer!
    laura – ha! i also have a best friend that looks like buffy!

  10. Exactly! The comics are basically season 8. It's a continuation of the story so you probably want to read from the beginning. I've never really read comics so it's taking time to get used to it. I really like it!

    You can buy the comics at regular bookstores but I think there are some stand alone character comics that go with it so you might want to go to a comic store and ask about the series.

    Wow!! I sound like a huge geek!! 🙂

  11. So weird, and coincidental!! I just started watching Buffy last night, for the first time ever! I even wrote about it on my blog today. I have never seen the show, ever, but have heard that I absolutely must watch it and so I watched the first episode of the first season.

    And, I totally did that with Harry Potter and Narnia and pretty much ever book ever. I get really sucked in.

  12. i love buffy so much! Oh deqar, I was a huuuuge fan, and actually well known in the German fan fiction community *lol* oh dear, that was years ago. But I loved Angel even more. Esp. Wesley <3

  13. BTVS! I was all about that show. Just a few years ago a frined and I had a BTVS marathon. I still have a huge crush on David Boreanaz.
    I also love watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Charmed, Sanctuary, and Torchwood!
    I'm halfway through Firefly and I don't want it to end!

    I'm pretty much just a total Sci-Fi/Fantasy, nerd!

  14. marci – awesome! i need to get the first parts so i'm not so confused! i've read a couple comics before that my boyfriend suggested. he really wants me to read the walking dead series [which they are apparently making a series out of on amc…]. ever heard of it?
    grace – buffy is awesome! i think you will enjoy it 😀 and afterwards you should check out the angel series. it's totally fun and way less serious 😀
    mary – i just saw the whole angel series last summer! i love it because it's so much funnier and goofy than buffy!
    skarlet – do you watch bones?? after i watched [and finished] angel i couldn't get enough and ONLY started watching bones because boreanaz looks so fine on it 😀

  15. I've never heard of it but I will definitely look into it. Seems like you have pretty good taste so I trust you. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  16. Ooh, I'm glad someone mentioned Torchwood! You can put that down as why I'm a big nerd. I watched all the Torchwood shows on Netflix…. in like one day. It was just so good and oozing campyness. 🙂

  17. BEST SHOW EVER! i have been in love with this series since it was in its 4th or 5th season. And now own them all on dvd….love it! thanks for brining up this haha

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