grrfeisty: FFT + walking :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FFT + walking :)

This evening Daniel and I attended the Fund for Teaches [] banquet where we received our grant checks!  I met a lot of cool teachers who are also going on exciting adventures this summer!  The ladies in charge of the program are so incredibly nice.  It was a really fun couple hours :)
Fund for Teachers is celebrating their 10th year, hence the "I'm a 10!" sign and the delicious cake! haha
After some cake, we were off to the bank to deposit our grants so we could start buying tickets!

Monday I went over to my mom and dad's for dinner.  Daniel and I walked the dogs around their neighborhood, and it felt great!  I ran around with them and it was wonderful.  So tonight I walked the dogs again.  Maybe I am finally getting back into the groove :)


  1. How do you look so adorable in your workout clothes?! Hah! For reals!

  2. haha! i wish! that was the only good one out of 5 :)

  3. So awesome about the Funds for Teachers! You must be so excited (and I think I might be a bit envious?) What a cool opportunity! :)

  4. thanks aubrey! the banquet really hyped everyone up. i am so lucky i was able to get into the program!