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I am back! But now I have to create two videos for work tomorrow…which is FUN, but it sucks that I’m only now able to begin!  I was having some Imovie problems and had to run and purchase the update this evening.  In about 20 minutes the “footage” I have will be all transfered and ready to edit…meanwhile, here is an update 😀

Thursday morning I left on a trip to visit Daniel’s family who live near Fort Worth, Tx.  I spent lots and lots of time with them, and had a lot of fun 🙂

I mostly hung out with Traci [Daniel’s sister] and Cooper [her son/my “nephew”].  He is at that super cute age where he’s all smiley and playful!

Friday, Daniel and I drove to Dallas [about an hour away] to visit my dental school-tastic sister.  I don’t see her too much [as I mention ALL the time] so it was great to get to hang out!

We walked around the mall and grabbed some mexican for dinner and pretty much spent the afternoon making Sandy laugh until she cried [which isn’t hard to do! haha].

Saturday started out funny.  Daniel woke me up at 8am and I was all moody.  Every day of our “vacation” I had to wake up early…and the one day we didn’t have anything to do he woke me up!  So I rebelled and laid around for another 30 minutes or so before I got out of bed and thanked Daniel for the coffee 🙂
The rest of the day was a celebration of Traci’s [belated] birthday! Woohoo 30!!  It was a super nice day [minus cold water in the pool!] so I just laid out in the sun…ahh…I LOVE laying in the sun!  And then I accidentally fell asleep.  Luckily I won’t be pink much longer – thanks to the Cuban in me!

[I faded this photo so you can’t see the red as much…but just look at my honker!]

After Traci opened presents and we had cake, the Transporter 2 was on and so we watched it while “feeling bad about our midsections” [as the host of “DVD on TV” stated haha] and vegged.

Reason for the midsection comment:
OVER AND OVER – seriously? YA that makes me feel bad! hahaha

Sunday was church time where Daniel’s uncle preaches.  Afterwards, at lunch, I can’t remember who joked about me flying back with Traci and her dad, but I took them up on the offer.  Daniel had a 4.5 hour drive back and I flew with Daniel’s dad in about an hour.  I felt really bad about ditching him but he really wanted me to do it…so I did 🙂

I had only been on his dad’s plane once before and didn’t even film any of it! [gasp!]
Do you like how the wind decided to rush under my shirt right as the photo was being snapped?  Especially after talking about midsections?? THANK YOU, Mother Nature!  Skank.

And now, here I am…getting ready to make these videos!  Tomorrow will be quite rough!
Wish me luck!

flying from roxy rodriguez on Vimeo.



  1. Looks like such a fun weekend!!! Great video! I'd be scared in that little plane tho! 😉
    Happy Monday!!!

  2. what an adventure! looks like sooo much fun! 🙂 and that baby is so chubby and cuuute!!

  3. That plane ride must have been so much fun! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I wish I was part Cuban. I just burn and then go back to being pasty white.

  4. taylah – thanks!
    jamie – it was a bit bumpy at first [super windy] but then it was fine 🙂
    karma – thankyou! haha
    joelle – dallas is pretty cool! i think austin is my fave [although it's becoming too mainstream lately…]
    danielle – i've flown oh-so-much my whole life. it's nice NOT flying commercial every once in a while 🙂
    laura – haha it was a great long weekend! and the baby is super cute!
    kara – it's hard not to sit there and make retarded faces at cooper haha
    maria – THAnkSsss sandy got me the red dress top thing 🙂
    and ya…i totally said honker! i was torn between that and "schnoz" but i wasn't sure of the spelling…hmmm
    traci – right when you drove off i thought of it. haha
    thursday – it was nice to make the trip in 1/4 of the time! 😀
    diana – ya, when i first discovered daniel's dad had a plane i was all HOLLA.
    megan – haha don't get my wrong, i get PALE in the winter. on the other hand, if i don't control my sun intake i visit the opposite end of the spectrum too quickly! haha

  5. That Baby is so precious.

    Thanks for the reply and bookmark. I was all excited to see someone who I'm not already friends with leave a comment. lol.


  6. To answer your question about travel :
    I've lived on three different continents so far, so I think wanting to see more of the world just comes naturally to me. I love learning about different cultures, people, countries etc etc. It's super fun!
    Plus, who wants to live their whole lives in one little bubble, when there is SO much to see and learn? 🙂

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