missing in action

Here I lay, after about 4 days of traveling, in my treehouse [yes, treehouse!], with my pistachio ice cream and a cup of coffee.  Mmmm…

Don’t mind Daniel back there, he quit playing his DS for a split second to make an appearance. haha
Daniel and I left Houston Saturday afternoon.  We stopped in Cresson, Tx to visit his parents, and then head out to Oklahoma.
This was our camp site on Lake Murray in Ardmore, OK.  I could hear the water all night.  It was a wonderful experience, but dang I had the most awful night’s sleep!  Around 5 am it was so incredibly windy our tent was being hit from all directions.  It was only then that I actually got some decent shut eye.  I like sleeping during “inclement” weather.  🙂
While driving to Oklahoma City, we stopped in Davis, OK because of a sign Daniel saw that said “small town charm.”  I’m glad we stopped!
I bought two little owls off this shelf, and one funny little one from a different location.  It was too early though, and most of the antique shops weren’t open yet.
BUT we did go see Turner Falls!
I didn’t feel like paying $12 or whatever to go in, so we found the overlook and had some fun there 🙂
Somewhere along the way, Daniel noticed a sign for a “Toy and Action Figure Museum,” so we stopped in Paul’s Valley, OK to check it out.

So after all this fun stuff, we kept going towards OKC, where we explored Daniel’s old neighborhood on our bicycles!
Daniel tried exploring his old church, and I awkardly followed.  I think he freaked a daycare lady out because he tried following her in and she turned around a bit cautiously and asked “May I help you…?”  haha I wanted to wait in the car!

After creeping some folks out a bit, we drove to our next camping spot – Natural Falls State Park.  We arrived after nightfall, so I don’t have any cool pictures of the camp site, but the next morning we biked around the area and found the “Natural Falls.”
Believe it or not [ I don’t!] this is a RARE photograph of me.  NO MAKE UP – OH NOEZZZZzzz.  Thank goodness for “toy cam” mode on my phone [and my face consuming hat]!
And off we went to Arkansas 🙂
During our first pit stop in Siloam Springs, Daniel and I guzzled down a cup of coffee and a water bottle full of Emergen-C, so we had to make a second pit stop pretty soon after!  This sign created a bit of a detour because WHAT!  Awesome time!  
The gas station attendant told Daniel that Dinosaur World had closed down a few years ago, but you can still see the dinosaurs from the side of the road.  That was all we needed to hear.
We definitely parked off the side of the road and slid/walked down the shoulder and crossed into DINOSAUR WORLD.
It was the creepiest and coolest thing EVER.  I’ve never trespassed.  I’m one of those boring people that says things like, “I don’t know guys…I don’t want to get in trouble…”  Yep.  That’s me.  But hey!  I’m on vacation!  Let’s trespass!  And really, all we were doing was taking photographs.  At one point someone in a [what looked like] maintenance vehicle saw us from afar.  I was ready to bolt! Or stand completely still…  I think as long as we didn’t have spray paint cans in our hands [or 40s] he didn’t care.  I turned around and the truck was gone – so we continued walking around the giant, and I do mean GIANT, property a’la Dinos.  I even crossed over a little waterfall!  And over two rickety bridges.  AHHH so fun.
So after walking around acres of land, whispering because it was incredibly eerie, and listening to the single crow’s caw [the kind you hear in Western movies!], we hit the road.
Bye Bye Dinosaur World!
Don’t you just love my sweater that screams “tourist?”
Alright, so 20 minutes later we finally made it to the Eureka Springs Treehouse Cottages.
You can’t really tell in this photograph, but there is a little fountain/waterfall under the “bridge” leading to our cottage.  See the trees on the right?  Those go down about 20 feet.  It really is a treehouse!
Sadly, all photographs of the interior will have to wait until my next post because I haven’t uploaded them yet!  I am on vacation!  I can be lazy 🙂
After unpacking and refreshing a bit, Daniel and I hiked around town for a few hours.  Now I am blogging in my cute little cottage…about to take a super amazing bath [hello campfire smell!] in the giant tub – yum!
More Eureka Springs explorations to come.  I hope everyone is having a fabulous week.  If you have any recommendations whatsoever, do not hesitate to comment.
I leave you with this super cute dinosaur I saw leaving our camp site the other day – he needs a little mustache, no?
<3 <3 <3

[most of these photographs were taken using the “polaroid” and “toy cam” effects on my phone…others were taken with my canon rebel]

[also….i can’t seem to adjust the outer-wrapper of my blog to make my columns wider….and therefore am stuck posting “large” photos instead of “extra-large” blarghhhh]

[also…….BYE 😀 ]



  1. Your little trip sounds AMAZING. Can I be there? I am dying to stay in a treehouse!!!!

  2. Welcome to Eureka~! If you likey the odd…and I get the impress that you do…check out Quigley's Castle. Don't let anyone tell you any different…It's Amazing~! And totally off of the 'main' trip. So cool. If you need directions…let me know. I'll keep up with you while you're here.

    Oh…here is the web site for the Castle: http://www.quigleyscastle.com/

    Srsly…it's so weird it's cool.

    *Cheers…and welcome again~!


    (you can also reach me here if you have any questions, etc…http://www.facebook.com/EurekaJanet )

  3. The colors and composition of your campsite photo are awesome. Seriously. I'd buy a print of that. <3 <3 it!

  4. i just started following your blog and it looks lovely. I love camping and that spot looks magical. i also love coffee.


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