home again, rose

i am home!  hurray!
the drive to [and from] eureka springs was so much fun.  all the little stops along the way kept daniel and i excited the whole time.  

tiny town antique store awesomeness [except the foxes! those are not antique, just awesome!]
the whole trip was so relaxing…i miss it already!
here are some more photographs of the treehouse 🙂
to reach the entrance we had to go down a set of stairs to the “bridge” leading to our treehouse.  in the bottom right hand corner you can see the 20 foot drop into the woods!
kitchen/dining area 🙂
bathtub! that overlooked the forest!  there is also a separate bathroom with a toilet and a 2nd bathtub/shower that was adorable.
ice cream + laptop  = relaxing roxy….daniel + ds = eternal silence. hahaha
i didn’t photograph the “living room,” where the camera is sitting.  right across from the bed is a loveseat, fireplace, and tv.  the cabin was extremely cute! i loved it!
the town was completely adorable.  i love small towns where “downtown” is a neighborhood with some shops around [as opposed to a giant city!].  and i loved some of the random furniture 🙂
[i’ll be posting more photographs on flickr tomorrow!]

daniel and i spent the days out and about, but we wanted to have enough time to just relax, so our days pretty much ended around 5-6pm.  we’d head back to the treehouse and lay around being bums.  i watched season 1 of glee, sewed, and played on my laptop.  sadly, it was nice 🙂
i’m planning on updating my very lonely etsy shop tomorrow! there was definitely some stitching going on whenever i was in the passenger seat!:
i even made a cutesy little video ad!  i will post my [lame attempt at!] stop motion tomorrow. 
GOODNIGHT. it is waaaaaaay passed my bedtime!



  1. wow! eureka springs! I grew up about…3 hours north of there? been through a couple times….but the first was when I was young & with my mom, went for some conference and stayed in a crappy biker motel. second time was on a road trip with a friend, driving through it looked so crummy so we didn't stop, I never knew those treasures lay there! especially the treehouse, wooowww have to go some day for sure.

  2. I LoVe treehouses! I've been waiting to see more pictures since your last "teaser" post with only the entrance pic! Ha! I can't get over the bathtub. We plan to have one of our own someday so we love gushing over photos and books! Oooh and…I adore your Audrey Kawasaki laptop skin…she is one of my favs! Happy Spring and welcome home!

  3. I love all that owl stuff you got, it's all so cute. And that tree house! omg, the tree house. I would die to stay there! It looks sooo awesome!

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