3 things!

UNO  i am participating in two giveaways this month!  one is on Leigh-Ann’s blog and the other is on Elsie Flannigan’s blog.  both giveaways will feature one of these little guys:

mustachasaurus from roxy rodriguez on Vimeo.
but for leigh-ann’s giveaway i am also including a little something special!  one of my favorite creations this past year has been the Bipolar Bunny.  I gave this little guy his name because his mood changes with yours 😀

this is the one i am featuring in the freckled nest giveaway…
this bipolar bunny is my favorite! because i love green 🙂  notice how no two are alike!

DOS  like i mentioned in my previous post! i continued sewing while on vacay!  so there will be a small shop update later today.  stay tuned! 😀  [check flickr, too! :D]

TRES  best news EVAH.  as most of you know, i am a teacher.  daniel and i applied for a grant through fundforteachers.org and i just found out a couple days ago that I GOT THE GRANT!  basically this grant enables daniel and i to travel to crete, greece to attend a creativity workshop.
I AM EXTREMELY EXCITED.  seriously???  for free???  so basically, i am so lucky and HOORAY my hardwork has most definitely paid off.
p.s. i would really like to have a giveaway but i’m afraid i don’t have enough readers.  what should i do? maybe if i hit 25 followers?  any advice from those of you that have had giveaways or partaken in many?
gracias friends 😀



  1. giveaways will make your non-commenting followers come out of the woodwork 🙂

    Plus! It rewards the few of those there are, right?

  2. i love your bunnies :). i'm a little apprehensive about doing a giveaway too! i'm finally doing one in april (a blog-swap one). we'll see how it goes! i say you should go for it too!

  3. More chances to win? Lol, just kidding. Although a giveaway would be cool. (Never hosted one, so, no tips, sorry!)

  4. sweet! the only reason I am waiting a bit is because I am supposed to set up a little booth this weekend and am running low on items! haha I'm so new at all this 😀

  5. How exciting that you got a grant to travel! I'm an elementary teacher. I'm going to check out the fundforteachers site now!

  6. Giveaways are good, trust me! Your bunnies on FreckledNest will do a whole lotta good.

    Really cute blog, too! I shall follow. 😀

  7. Bipolar bunnies! What a great idea! I'm visiting from Freckled Nest, and I really liked your blog… I'll make sure to come back in the future -giveaway or not! 🙂 PS: lovely home!

  8. Your bunnies are pretty hilarious. I'd never considered having stuffed animals to coordinate with your mood…until now.
    I love the amount of colour in your blog. Nice work!

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