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Sunday, February 28, 2010


This weekend has been amazing.  I totally took my mind off my awful Friday parent phone call [ughhh] but now am anxious about the parent conference tomorrow!

Today was dedicated to the new house, and now, the only house :D
Daniel and I visited Ikea and got crazy busy as soon as we returned.  I can't wait to finish up a few things so I can post The Grand Tour!

Anyways, I wanted to share a few tidbits I have around the house that I absolutely adore.

Vintage owl teaset.

This amazing Craigslist find :D

Espresso tea cups.

Very cozy couch.

Owl-tastic cabinet knobs + fave color EVAH.

And lastly, my "office" desk [which has changed a bit since this photograph...].  Can you tell which television show I am watching??  Rhymes with...Lexter. haha

[wow! if you click the photo you can see the netflix, and stuff in my craft bins! ha!]

Goodnight! Have a better Monday than I'm in for!  EEee!!

[tiny osa!  no more...]


  1. oh wow, did you buy that sewing machine? it looks soo futuristic b/c it's black! love it!

  2. Hi! I found your blog through the Indie 2.0 class. I love love love the owl tea set, so jealous!

  3. sandy - i bought the sewing machine from a woman on craigslist. i love it! it's from 1951 i believe :)

    krista - hi! thank you! i bought it on etsy [sooo addicted...haha]


    Yay I'm glad you came over to blogspot! I'll put your button on my blog tonight.

  5. Love the cabinets! Greatest color of green. I have that same sewing machine! Works like magic.

  6. ooooh love your post! and the owl tea set!!! and the knobs! amazing! ok so where do you live now.

  7. The owl tea set, and knobs are stellar. Loving the sewing machine too great finds!!

  8. i love your blog! we seem to have lots in common. i loove that owl! :) ps.. do you want to trade blog buttons? i'm going to steal yours. :)

  9. BT - blogspot is waaaay easier to use than i thought! thanks for the push!

    megan - yay green! isn't the machine awesome? haha :D

    brandi - s. post oak and 610 [no more innerloop! tear..]

    emily - thanks! i love the knobs! my cousin bought them for me :D

  10. ohhh! that tea set rocks! If that sewing machine is a Singer Featherweight there's a guy who gives super rad paint jobs on antique featherweights!

  11. whoa! those machines are awesome!