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Saturday, August 30, 2014

one week of teaching

This first week back to school has been pretty hectic! I thought that as soon as the week ended I'd be dead set on returning to the classroom. I'm still unsure, but it's been a great experience. Management-wise, it's like riding a bicycle, planning-wise...not so much. I was at the school until 5 or 6 most days this week...and between teaching classes and checking [and failing and checking again] math classes, I kept forgetting my lunch! And when I did remember my lunch [Thanks, mom!] I had to eat it in front of the computer. Luckily the kind folks at Harvest Snaps sent me a few bags of Snapea Crisps to get me through the days. I ate some for lunch and during my off period. And I even shared with my co-workers! So far I really like the lightly salted and cesar variety.

cool poster, eh? i'm so proud of it.

Daniel enjoyed a bag of wasabi ranch all by his lonesome. :)

Hopefully next week is a bit calmer and I can manage my time better. That's also something I've got to get used to. Far less time to take care of things that pertain to my actual job. :)

How was your week?


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Salzburg, Austria

Taking a train in Austria is amazing. The countryside beckons...and only makes me want to live somewhere like this more so. I'm a bit late with this gorgeous countryside - hope you don't mind. :)

The Salzburg train station was a pretty urban area with shops and loads of traffic. Once we walked the couple blocks to the hotel, we found ourselves in a pocket of the city that took you away from it all. The walk to Old Town took about 20-30 minutes, but I'm not complaining. It was beautiful. :)

These "love locks" have been popping up in a lot of touristic cities...but nothing will top the bridge in Paris. The sun was setting on our first day, so I didn't get to read too many of them. It's pretty fun looking for unique locks and inscriptions - wondering who left them there.

Giant pickle art? Because why not?
My only complaint of this beautiful city is that it's jammed packed with tourists and little children. Probably because of the whole "Sound of Music" bit. Daniel and I were unable to spend enough time in Salzburg to do anything too touristy - other than walk around and eat Manner enjoy each other's company. :)

And because even the Salzburg airport was adorable:

Monday, August 25, 2014

What I Wore - Deep Breath

Today is the day! I waited to see the season premiere of Doctor Who...kind of by accident. The tickets I bought are for a Monday night showing - oops! But it will be a great way to wrap up the first day of school. Fingers crossed.

I've already noticed that Peter Capaldi's version of the Doctor yells, "Kidneys!" Really? I know it will take a few episodes for him to grow on me. Even though I love David Tennant, even he took a while! :) I haven't yet seen the new episode [tonight!! in this outfit!], the title fits my day very well! Deep breaths, everyone!

Doctor Who Silence dress [similar]  //  Target Space Leggings  //  Bonlook Honeybadger  //  Boots via Modcloth
Hot Topic TARDIS bracelet  //  TARDIS penny necklace [similar]  //  Flourish Leather braided bracelet

Speaking of sci-fi...did anyone catch the series finale of True Blood? It was...okay. As usual, certain characters were extremely long-winded. That's why last season was so painful! All that talk of Lilith and blah blah blah. I'm sad the show ended because it was one of the only series Daniel and I actually watched together...but it needed to happen.

Are you watching anything special? Did you catch the new Doctor?? :)

p.s. I also wore this dress in the country.
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