Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall fashions I'm feeling

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Daniel and I recently traveled out west for a friend's wedding. I was so excited to dress for real fall weather, I immediately packed up my favorite pieces of plaid, as well as a few complimentary articles of clothing. Once we reached our hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I took my scarf off and set it on the bed. "Oh look, they even provided us with this really soft blanket!" You hush, Daniel! He loves teasing me about my obsession with blanket scarves! They're so huge, especially on a small person like me, he can't help but mention it. At one point my friend Bobbiejean and I were both wearing the two scarves I brought and he teased, "If only I had remembered to wear my blanket to dinner, too." ha! Silly, husband.

You know what else I'm obsessing over this time of year? Flannel! It's seriously just the best. I may or may not have pulled all of my flannel tops from the back of my closet at the first sign of a cold front. So soft, so warm, so plaid. These tops are very versatile, too. With jeans, leggings, tucked into a skirt, buttoned up, worn open over a top, buttoned half way up over a tank - there are many options! When it's very cold, buttoned up and accessorized with a blanket scarf is my preference at the moment. In case you didn't catch that earlier. :)

If you hadn't noticed the rad plaid trend already, now you certainly will! Especially if on one of your many Target runs. Who can resist LISTERINE®'s trendy [and temporary!] fall packaging?? As if everything in that store wasn't cute enough! I bought two of the four different designs. The yellow plaid matches my TARDIS bathroom perfectly! And thank goodness I packed one of the bottles in my suitcase! This trip consisted of a lot of road trip snacking, and my mouth was begging to be brushed and rinsed each morning and night.

Speaking of packing, it is a very difficult task with a cat in the vicinity. Adorable, but difficult.

You can't miss the display at Target - they've even got a plaid banner to draw you in. I used LISTERINE®'s packaging to match my favorite fall trends, but can't you picture these designs in a trendy bathroom, too? Or in a guest room with complimentary decor/colors? That's where my second bottle is stationed. :)

What is your favorite fall trend? Are you as excited about plaid this fall as I am?

p.s. for 10% off through the end of the month, make sure to take advantage of Target's Cartwheel deal!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

greener with the scenery

I'm in Wyoming for a wedding, and it was quite an adventure getting here! We flew into Salt Lake City because it was cheaper, and seemed like the drive to Jackson would be amazing. AND IT WAS. Seriously. I am in awe. More on that later, but if you want a preview, check out this photo.

Daniel has been so patient with me as I scream, "Oh my gosh, pull over!" when I see something too beautiful or unique to pass up. This includes carved bear statues, metal bear statues [I'm so creative, right?], and state signs. You might say my snapchat is blowing up [@grrrfeisty] - oops!

What has my jaw dropping the most are the changing leaves. Sometimes in Houston you might see a tree that went from green to yellow really quick, and then all the leaves fall off. But here, you see the progression. Also? The moutains. I even asked Daniel how we could not live near mountains. Everything is far more beautiful when surrounded by mountains. We drove through a little town with about ten fast food restaurants in sight. But guess what? They looked like beautiful fast food restaurants because of the amazing backdrop. No joke! ha!

I'll share again I'm sure. But that's all for now. Going to grab breakfast and explore the Tetons. This weather is amazing, by the way. Blanket scarves for everyone!


p.s. These photos were taken in Willard Bay State Park on the way out of Utah.

Top Shop jacket  //  Ugg boots [don't judge me!]  //  Langford Market fleece leggings  //
Blanket scarf via Sassy Steals  //  Promod sweater  //  Tumbleweeds sunnies  //  Texas Bueno Shop ring

Friday, October 2, 2015

Festive Fall/Halloween Cocktails with Jagermeister!

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This October Jagermeister is focusing on Hispanic Heritage Month, while emphasizing that it is also “sin igual,” or “like no other,” which I think we can all agree on! There is even an event scheduled for October 8th in Dallas featuring special guests, crafted drinks, a photobooth, and much more. If you live in the area you should definitely check it out!

Guess what else is going on this month? My Halloween party! I believe this marks year 8, which is pretty crazy. It all started when Daniel and I were trying to figure out how to celebrate his birthday. It’s pretty close to Halloween, so we decided on a costume party. :) I’m not much of a partier anymore, but it’s nice to have one day each year where we celebrate Daniel’s birthday, as well as dress up and hang out with all our friends in a safe and fun environment. We take the party so seriously that I’ve even taken half days from work to finish decorating our house!

Daniel usually makes his famous punch, but I want to get a little creative and mix a couple unique drinks with a Jagermeister base. My introduction to Jagermeister consisted of Irish Car Bombs in college – ha! Ten years later…my experiences have been a lot more enjoyable. The two cocktails I’ll be making on Halloween will for sure be “sin igual”…enter the Jagermonster!

Cocktail #1: Jagermonster

Ingredients: 1 oz Jagermeister  //  dash of Grenadine  //  5 oz Orange Juice

I chose this drink because the mixers compliment the hints of cinnamon and orange within the liquor itself. I also wanted the drink to have a holiday feel, which I think I definitely accomplished! [I may have taken some liberties with the measurements... :)]

Cocktail #2: Reservoir Dog

Ingredients: 1 part Jagermeister  // 1 part Irish Cream

The stir sticks were made by "gluing" cupcake decor to skewers. I used frosting as glue!

This mixture is a lot thicker than the Jagermonster, which I really love. It also has a very autumnal flavor to it and is a lot creamier than the Jagermonster, which gives guests two similar, yet distinct, choices.

Please remember to drink responsibly!

What are your favorite kinds of mixers? And aren’t you so excited for Halloween??? :)


Doors open at 8pm until midnight. Be sure to RSVP by October 7th using the link above!

Hickory Street Annex
501 S 2nd Ave #200

Dallas, TX 75226