Tuesday, January 20, 2015

eshakti dress and updates!

Working from home is awesome! I don't have time to multitask like people assume, but being able to pet my dogs whenever I want, take care of their needs, and do a few chores during my breaks is brilliant. Also if I want to work from my mom's house for a change, or I don't know, some other place where I can concentrate, I can! :)

So far my day goes a little something like this:
6:30-7am Wake up sometime between there and fix breakfast and coffee.
7:30 Walk the dogs.
8am Time for math!
10:30-11 Take a 10 minute break. Do the dishes, clean up breakfast stuffs, kitty litter...
12:30ish I'm off for lunch. Run with dogs [I will slowly increasing my distances], do a couple chores, maybe a pull up or two, and make/eat lunch.
1:30ish Back in teaching mode!
3:30-4pm Break time! Sweep, go outside, snack...
5pm Done! I'll either go to Crossfit, Roller derby, or hang with my family or friends. Or nothing!

My awesome parents bought me an "office chair" for my birthday so I can work comfortably. I also stand a bit every once in a while so I'm not in the same position all day.

In other news, I've been very strict with my spending. I want to compare this January to last January, and so forth, for the year. Just to watch the numbers and pat myself on the back. I'm a nerd. I even run my roller derby team's attendance numbers just because it's fun.

Speaking of spending, I just made a couple purchases with gift cards. Woohoo! One friend's gift card allowed me to get a new mouth guard, and the other: cute work-out clothes! I'm already seeing a trend here. Working from home = athletic gear all day er'day. RUH ROH. :-P

eShakti dress  //  Shoemint booties  //  hansel from basel tights  //  clairey lou designs fox  //
coach bag  //  jessica simpson coat  //  bonlook glasses  //  little ray of sunflower rose pins

Okay, I babbled enough. I'm going to hang tonight instead of Crossfit because roller derby endurance drilled killed my lower back this week. :-O


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

a Floridian photo dump

It's funny, while I don't think I could ever live in Miami, I sure do like to visit my family. We talk every week or two, and email and text between. These days I stay with my cousins and spend the day relaxing/hanging out at my aunt and grandparents' home where I drink endless café con leches and eat sweets or Cuban bread. Ay.


Monday, January 12, 2015

black and white

Well! Roller derby is back in session! Just in time to help me rid myself of my "winter coat." A few months ago I purchased my "train hard" necklace and it's finally time to whip it out of the box and around my neck. I've got derby practice 3x/week and Crossfit 2-3x/week to keep me in check. My main resolution was to use my lunch break to go on runs. RUNNING. I only like to do it when there is a K or a Tshirt involved. :-P But we shall try!
When I was younger I used to have this lingering guilt if I wasn't doing something productive - which usually involved school reading, studying, or homework. For years now the lingering guilt occurs if I am not in motion. And the most ridiculous part is that all of the exercise in the world isn't what makes the difference in the way I feel, it's the food I put into my body. The sweet delicious morsels of sweet delicious foodies. *drool*

Mossimo flannel button up via Target  //  Sally Hansen nail stickers  //  Train Hard necklace via Sassy Steals  //
Texas ring via the Bueno Shop  //  Shoemint booties  //  Bullhead shorts via PacSun

Ignore the pastiness that is my winter skin tone. :-/

Caitlin is going to get mad at me if I don't schedule a Pure Barre class in the mix, too. Gotta work that in. ;-) Along with my usual exercise, I've been grocery shopping and cooking more often in an effort to save some dough. It's too soon to tell, but I'm hoping it helps. Other than the leftover Xmas chocolate [that I've gotten rid of!], I've been eating pretty decently [more on that here]. I still have a bag of Shakeology to use within my journey as well. I was perusing some old pictures on Facebook...kinda crazy how fast a person's body can change! :-/ Must...make...more of an effort!