Monday, March 2, 2015

Beautiful Colorado Photodump

I am extremely thankful that I am able to visit Winter Park, Colorado on a yearly basis. Thanks to my friend Paula and her family for inviting and hosting us. My cousins also traveled to Colorado from Miami with a large group, so it was fun hanging with them, too! :)

Our first night in town, we went to the grocery store later than usual, and thank goodness we did. There was a fox roaming the lot for about an hour or so! I stayed outside watching, following, and kneeling until my hands got too cold. It was the best!

Daniel and I kicked it up a notch this trip! We tried to stick to blue slopes [intermediate] when we were on our own, and even explored a different side of the mountain. The moguls were tough but fun. At one point I lost my ski and it was so steep and the moguls were so high, it took me about 10-15 minutes to get it back on! Daniel was moving pretty slowly, too! Moguls are harder on a snowboard than skis. haha We went over so many bumps that I started trying to hop and made it a goal to catch as much air as I could on the last few runs. We ended our trip pretty proud of ourselves.

The airport on our way out of town was pretty frustrating. Apparently there was a huge volleyball tournament this there were long-legged teenagers everywhere. They cut through lines, held up lines, it was awful. Luckily I had a few drink tickets in my pocket. Hallelujah!

FOX!  //  Fox up close


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

roxy and her rocksbox

I'll be honest, when putting together outfits for a "what I wore" post, jewelry is always the hardest part to incorporate. There's always something I'm in love with for that moment, and then I want to pair it with everything, even if it doesn't really match too well. :)

Lucky for me I found a service that helps with just that problem! Rocksbox contacted me about trying out their subscription box. You choose your favorite pieces from their website, fill out a style survey, and 3 shiny new goodies appear on your doorstep. I received my first box within a week or so of filling out the survey. You can receive and return multiple times within the time span of your subscription! They'll send the next package out as soon as the previous is received!

My absolute favorite was the Rosalie Crystal Ring. I didn't want to take it off, no matter what I was wearing! The jewelry was all high quality, sparkly, and irresistible! I now have the choice to buy, borrow, or swap any of these items. :)

The kind folks from Rocksbox are offering a free month to Grrfeisty readers! Use code
roxyrodriguezxoxo to sign up, get your first month free, and then decide if you want to borrow, buy, or swap. :) Remember, one month doesn't mean one box, it's as many swaps as you want in that time span! Pretty cool, right??

Be sure to read through the FAQ, it's so helpful!

PavĂ© Circle necklace by Sophie Harper  //  Rosalie Crystal ring by Perry Street  //  Leda studs by Gorjana


p.s. I'll be in Colorado the next few days. Follow along on my IG and Twitter!

Monday, February 23, 2015

packing and protein

Oh, hi! I'm pretty excited to be heading to Colorado this week! I have just enough time to recover from Saturday's bout and then get back into skiing. Since discovering that skiing is so much more amazing than snowboarding [for me], I'm pretty excited! Hauling around a snowboard, taking those awful tumbles, trying to keep up with Daniel, it's all in the rearview! While in Montana earlier this year, the slopes were relatively empty. Friday will be nice at Winter Park, but Saturday is gonna suckkkkkk. My cousins and some of their friends are meeting up with us this year, so it'll be extra fun!

I almost forgot that I need to grab some protein bars for the slopes! Luckily I already have a few leftover from Premier Protein.

The folks from Premier Protein sent me a sample pack of bars and protein shakes that I've been pretty excited about. I get out of practice relatively late [9 or 10pm] and I feel like it's too late for a full meal. These bars have been great for the 40 minute drive home! They're also a great reward on mornings I've been able to drag myself out of bed for 6am CrossFit. I even sent Daniel out the door with a bar for breakfast on a day we were both running late. :)
My absolute favorite flavors have been the mint chocolate and dark chocolate mint. Notice a trend? I mentioned the brand to my sister's body-building boyfriend and he was already familiar with Premier Protein. Good to know I can keep purchasing the products at the grocery store.

What are your favorite post-workout bars, meals, or shakes? A friend of mine is getting into counting her macros [foreign language to me!] but it's pretty motivating. Maybe I can get my butt in gear and really start eating cleaner.