Monday, March 30, 2015

style conference attire

Usually I just pack a ton of clothes and dress how I feel. Yep, I'm quite the over-packer. Surprise, surprise. For a couple years now I've made more of an effort to pack outfits rather than a jumble of my favorite tops and bottoms - and shoes. It took me so many years to realize that UGH SHOES ARE HEAVY and take up soooo much room! This year was a bit of a challenge because we'd be on camp grounds, so dresses and skirts were out of the question [for the most part]! I grabbed a couple of my favorite boots and matched up a few cozy, yet cute, pieces.

Shoemint boots  // Victoria's Secret top  //  Langford Market leggings //  Francesca's headband  //  Rocksbox bracelet
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Shoemint boots  //  Talbots sweater  //  American Apparel tights  //  Bueno Shop TX ring  //
Minnetonka craft table bracelet

Shoemint boots  //  ModCloth fox top  // Target fox thermal  //  HRD cap

I only took these 3 outfits, a spare, and 2 pairs of shoes. The third, more casual, outfit was post-bout. Thank goodness Daniel brought my hat to the game...I knew my hair would be a bit nasty by the third day!

What are your packing tips and tricks?


blog conference outfits  //  TXSC 2015

Friday, March 27, 2015

texas style council recap

It has been a whole week since my craziest driving adventures of 2015! AKA the weekend when TXSC 2015 and my roller derby game were on the same weekend [in different cities!]. WOO!!

This year the conference was in north Austin at a Girl Scout camp. It was super cute set up and we didn't really spend all that much time in our rooms. They were so well made up, with goodies from tiny prints and Luna bar waiting on the beds. Everyone also got a bag from TOMS [did you know TOMS stands for "Tomorrow Shoes"?] and hair and skincare products from milk + honey, SW Basics, and Verb.

I attended a few really great sessions [i.e. Maiedae/Squarespace], and there were so many inspirational keynote speakers! First up: The Bloggess. I forgot my book! Luckily she signed a post-it for me. We chatted about how awesome Doctor Who is after I noticed her TARDIS phone case. The next day, Bethany Joy of TOMS shared some pretty inspirational words, just before handing out beautiful canvas bags to all.

Between Saturday night and Sunday morning Maria [Little Tree] and I hightailed it back to Houston for my roller derby bout and returned. She's a trooper for making the drive with me [and teasing me about my game day makeup]! We made it to the bout after some nasty traffic, and didn't lay our heads back down at camp until about 4am. #bloggerlife

Luckily we were able to sleep in on Sunday and it was glorious! I was so tired and hungry that I devoured about half of the Girl Scout cookies that were awaiting me upon my return from Houston before heading out to our morning activities.

Sunday's speaker was Sophia Rossi of Hello Giggles. She was so adorable and was recruiting people to go to her book signings! Hopefully I can make her Houston date at Blue Willow. I love that place! She also gave everyone free copies of her new book that doesn't come out until May. She's known for having a million best friends, which was definitely the conference theme this year.

The grrfeisty pencils live on! :)

TOMS roasting company provided us with lots and lots of coffee! :)

Aforementioned free bags for all!

I snapped a shot of Melissa's talented craftery.

The Bloggess and I

So proud of my friendship bracelet I made at the Minnetonka craft table. :)

I'm sad that it was Indiana's last TXSC conference. It's always fun networking and note-taking. If you know about any other cool blog conferences, let me know! I'm attending Blog Elevated later this year, and hopefully Thrive's second conference next year. :)


TXSC round 1  //  round 2

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Thank You

Thank you for reading my previous post. I appreciate all of your comments here, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Yesterday was amazing! I woke up feeling anxious about what I had publicized, but soon felt incredibly loved and supported. I'm going to reply to each blog comment on the post itself, though there were a couple that went unpublished because of the personal information they divulged.

My intent was not to besmirch the reputation of the school district, which is why I purposely left out any identifying proper nouns. I can only hope that I am not blamed for where the information turns up, or how it is edited.

my former co-workers threw me the perfect goodbye party. :)

While those closest to me were aware of the situation [and there was a bit of "vague-booking"], for the most part, I tried to stay upbeat. I'm sorry if the post caused anyone pain. The sole intent of "WHY I QUIT" was to inform the public that bullying still exists and to share my first-hand experience, especially because you don't hear much about it on the news. There's always something about students bullying students or teachers sleeping with students hogging the headlines. I want bullying victims to know there is hope!  You don't deserve the harassment, and you don't deserve the pain.

I didn't issue any thank yous, and would like to do so now. My husband was my rock. He gave me all of the hugs I needed, both mascara-smeared shoulders to cry on, and constant support. My close friends and family [they know who they are] that were always checking on me or scooping me up for a much needed beverage and chat. I couldn't have made the necessary changes without them.

Thank you. :)

p.s. Please feel free to contact me if you want someone to talk to.
p.p.s. How awesome this comment: