Tuesday, April 14, 2015

hanger: the struggle is real

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The other day, Daniel and I were having a blast out with some friends. We spent the morning together doing a fun run, and then continued hanging out through the afternoon. This is so rare for us! As the night wore on, I could tell I was getting a little grumpy. I wasn't joking very much, and took too many things Daniel said way too seriously.
When this starts to happen, I often check myself. I take pride in the few fights Daniel and I get into. Not that arguing within a relationship is frowned upon, but when we do get into it, we tend to make up pretty quick. So when I start to get a little huffy, first and foremost, I check the calendar. Sorry for the TMI, but it’s realistic! Once I am aware, I can reel it back in. Second? I wonder when my last meal was. Yep, hanger is a thing, my friend. And I was very, very hangry.

So back to the occasion at hand. Daniel and I were having a blast, when he realized his new sunglasses were missing. I was upset because they were a gift from me, and he was upset because he had them just a few minutes ago. I know it wasn’t his fault, but I just couldn’t drop it, even after he looked everywhere and asked around. Both of our moods took a dive, and we decided to head out.

On the way home, dinner came up. Oh ya, we hadn’t eaten since that morning after the run… All of a sudden our spirits were lifted. I mean, I was still seriously bummed about the sunglasses, but I stopped scouring my camera for the last moment in time I saw them. I could think about something else! And once the food was in my tummy I was ready to keep spending time with Daniel. We ended up watching some Daredevil and calling it an early night.

I usually stick to fun-size regular SNICKERS®, but have you tried the peanut butter?? NOM.

When I was little, my mom always carried mints, gum, or random pieces of candy in her purse. She’d nibble on them if she was ever sleepy, but I use this same trick to keep myself cheery. As soon as hanger peeks it’s ugly head, I can’t focus on anything but the negative. I made the mistake of not carrying a purse on that very long Saturday, and paid for it! Luckily I usually have my small backpack and can fit a couple SNICKERS® in there so Daniel and I never have to let the hanger interrupt our good times again.

What is your secret to keeping the good times rolling??
[Or maybe your favorite purse snack!]

I do my shopping at Kroger...where there are quite a few SNICKERS® purse-snacking options!
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Monday, April 13, 2015

summer plans

It's beginning to feel a lot like....summer! Maybe it's the ridiculous weather, but I am ready. I'll most likely visit my family in Miami because love and stuff. :-P I'm also really excited to hit up Europe with my parents. Because of my new work schedule I can tag along with them. Hooray!
Unfortunately Daniel will be working at that point, but distance does make the heart grow fonder, right? He'll get plenty of fun souvenirs. :)
The first leg of the journey lands us in Paris for a couple days. Since I'm arriving a few hours before my parents, I booked a bicycle tour. Did I ever tell you about that time I accidentally tipped a tour guide $100 instead of $10?? Great folding job on that bill. NEVER AGAIN.
Anyway, I am so excited! Then comes Prague, where I've never been, and Madrid. Pretty stoked!!

Dinner at my friends' house the other night got me craving that warm weather. It felt like a summer night. We had dinner outside, a few drinks, and then decided to go on a skating/biking journey to the park! There was laughter, music, and swinging - my favorite! The evening ended with an accidental workout, indeed. But now I'm also anxious about [dun dun dUUNNNN] bathing suit season. Ugh. Barf.
Daniel and I did our 10K this weekend and it went really well. I think I'll try and shoot for longer distances on my own runs! Maybe if we run together it'll be better. My biggest issue is I get so bored....Do you listen to a podcast or something?

Sampson enjoyed our friend's pool. He was the only one. The water was still too chilly for humans!

Do you have any advice in regards to a) Paris, Prague, Madrid or b) enjoying running, or c) bathing suits?! Please share! haha :)


Thursday, April 9, 2015

what i wore: spring in Houston

Wow! I haven't shared a "Currentlies" since January!

Working on: I really didn't expect for it to take about 2 months to adjust to my new work schedule! I finally started keeping somewhat of a workout routine, and the running has been consistent! Yay! As far as blog work, I am just about done with my media kit. Pretty exciting stuff!

Anticipating: I am such a little planner...but for some reason I keep putting off any further 2 year anniversary planning [Memorial Day wkend].  I need to get on it because if we want to roadtrip to Tennessee, our ducks need to be in a very neat little row. Got any suggestions?? I've never been! :)

Listening to: I set up an old radio in my office so I can catch NPR in the mornings, although streaming works, too. :) Last week, thanks to binge-watching some Dancing with the Stars with my mom, I was listening to Dangerous by David Guerra [+ Sam Martin] and Bailando by Enrique and a couple Cuban dudes [who actually came out with the song first]. Both of these songs on repeat. And randomly had a little dance party. Daniel walked in on me and teased me all week.

Eating: Ugh. I was doing so well! I mean I haven't been eating garbage, but I need to hit the grocery store again and stock up on some good snacks, etc. Also get back to cooking. I spend my breaks and lunch taking care of chores and the animal care...and haven't had time to cook anymore. Girl rant: I work out so much that it kills me how my metabolism has so drastically slowed down. I don't want to give up my sweets. :(

Tumbleweeds HC sunnies  // Bueno Shop ring  //  Minnetonka leather cords [I made the bracelet]

Thankful for: My new job and it's flexibility! I volunteered to stagger my schedule with the other teachers, which means I finish for the summer on June 26th. BUT I don't start back until mid-September. So cool! I'm going to Europe with my parents! Woohoo! And more short-term, I might be working from Austin for a few days later this month. :)

Reading: I started Decent and it's really good so far! It's about a girl who is kidnapped. At first I was speed reading to try and find out what the heck happened [you'll see what I mean], but now I've been able to slow down a bit, though it's still frustrating. I feel like I'd prefer reading the paperback version vs Kindle because I could flip back and forth.

Watching: I like playing Gilmore Girls [re-re-re-rewatch??] in the background at work! And in the evenings I've been watching Alias. Can you believe I never watched it before?? I guess I was too obsessed with Felicity or Buffy or something. :-P

H&M top [thanks, Ely!]  //  Langford Market shorts  //  Shoemint oxfords  //  Tumbleweeds sunnies

In case you missed it, Tumbleweeds Handcraft has some special sunglasses for sale. Read about them here. [[bunny ears here]]