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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

workin' on my fitness

After taking a 2 week hiatus from exercise [excluding the dog-walking], I received some inspiration in the mail! If you recall, I was getting out of too work late and too tired while I was in the classroom recently. But as soon as I got my hands on a Victoria's Secret Influenster VoxBox [say that 5 times fast]...I knew I had to put the goodies to use!

Handstands with all the support I need. :)
The box came with a VS Incredible sports bra, and Knockout [how appropro] cropped pants. Of course I tried them on right away...and then refused to take them off. I decided to be one of those people that runs errands in workout clothes. Well I am running errands, after all. :) To make up for it, I later wore both items on a run with Buster, then to Crossfit, and of course, roller derby [not in one day!]. The bra is supportive in all aspects - plus I'm not flattened out like a pancake [goodbye uni-boob!]. The Knockout pants are thick and comfortable, which is perfect for the "fall" runs I'm signing up for! And who doesn't love a sturdy waistband?? I can eat a good meal before a game and you can't even tell. ;-)
I always complain that I don't own any cute workout clothes - now I do!! :)

The Victoria's Secret goodies made it through a roller derby bout!

Feeling cute! It's a first!

I never thought to shop for workout clothes at VS! They have always just been my bra and undies go-to. These are some great options and I can't wait to use a couple of these coupons - especially to snag a matching top. :)
Thanks to Influenster and Victoria's Secret for the goodies! Please note that all opinions are my own.


This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria's Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Blogger Conference: when your style goes from URL to IRL.

Pleather and Pooches

Next week I will be attending Blog Elevated and I'm really excited! I love meeting people with similar passions, collecting their biz cards, and checking out their blogs...yes, I'm a stalker dork - but so is everyone else! Woohoo!
These conferences always get me hyped up to improve my own content, too. I've already got some ideas in the works thanks to all of the feedback I received on my reader survey [thank you again!!], so Blog Elevated is like icing on the cake. My conference bag is ready to go [sharing that soon!], but one of the most important parts of the planning [and packing] process is what to wear - and it's also my favorite part of prep!

My good friend Kiki has an amazing conference checklist [that I already printed out!]. Go download that and then continue reading about what to wear.

My first conference was Texas Style Council and it was predominantly fashion bloggers. That's not my main jam, but definitely one aspect of my blog. I wanted to make sure I fit in, so for the first time [since my first week of high school], I laid out my clothes - mixing and matching shoes and jewelry, too. It was more fun than I anticipated! Next week I will do the same. :)

Texas Style Council [round 2]

Cute and Confident
Looking your best isn't for the sole purpose of making a good impression. Dressing up makes you feel confident. Maybe you're an amateur blogger [like me!]. Feeling good about your appearance will make it easier to talk up your blog without the possibility of feeling silly. :)

You'll also be rushing around just to sit on your butt a lot! So comfort is a priority. I've seen ladies wearing heels and tight dresses, but I stick to flats and "cute comfort." Thanks to a cute pair of flats, I can make it to my preferred breakout session quick enough to grab a seat!

Madewell and Reigruche

Not Just Dresses
Dressing nicely [or memorably] doesn't mean you have to wear dresses. I am a big fan of denim skirts. Or rather, my one denim skirt....and my "combat" boots! Show off your hair, too. I usually don't tame the beast mess with it [see: lazy], but I definitely put in the effort in for these events! And if you are going to wear jeans, make sure to style them up!

          Shoemint Fan Girl                        Navy and Cream

Make sure to accessorize! This is where I like to let my geek show, that way I can almost immediately relate with my fellow nerds, cat-ladies, fox-freaks, etc. :) Headbands, infinity scarves, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, pins, etc [ but not all at once!!] - take the plunge!
I love when someone is wearing something kitschy or fandom related because it could spark a conversation right away. And isn't the whole point of these conferences networking?

Backyard Bunnies

Cats and Coats
Addicted to Thor

Vision and Warmth
Two very important items I can't afford to forget: my glasses [all you nearsighted folk raise your hand!] and a jacket. Most of the time conference rooms are pretty chilly. Yes, it's Houston, but that only means the walk from your car to the hotel is going to be a sauna. Everywhere else will be freezing! [Including your hotel room!] I don't know about you, but when I'm blind and shivering, my notes tend to suck. :)
Please note that it's also possible to match your glasses and your jacket of choice to your outfit [see: accessorize!].

Romper and Wingtips

Have you been to any blogger conferences? What is your go-to outfit??


p.s. I hope we meet! ;-)
p.p.s. Don't forget your checklist!

What I Wore: Romper and Wingtips

I definitely tend to overshare bits of my life on the web. Something I purposely don't bring up is my relationship with Daniel. [[Other 2013 when I was engaged and had plenty of wedding photos to share...]]
It seems like as soon as summer ended, we've been in crazy work mode. And with our floors being constantly tiled, we can only go out one at a time [the end is near!]. As usual around this time of year, we had the "we need to spend more time together" talk. It's probably a bi-yearly conversation we have when things pick up speed and we're consistently pulled in different directions.

First off, Daniel and I are incredibly independent people. I have roller derby, blogging, family, and crossfit outside of work, and he has his own past times, which include hanging out with friends. When I'm home he's not, and when he's home, I'm not. See a pattern there? :)

Shoemint wingtips in Frankie  //  Urban Outfitters romper  //  H&M socks  //  Jessica Simpson denim jacket

Date night it is! We have to hit the pause button sometimes, ya know? Some couples have a weekly date night, which is cool and all, but very unrealistic in this case. Especially with the two dogs. Coming home from work only to leave them again is kinda mean. :-/

New Wave Bonlook glasses  //  The Bueno Shop Texas necklace and ring  //  This Creative Life coffee cup ring and cat brooch

How do you press pause and spend time with the important people? Inquiring minds want to know! :)


p.s. Thanks to Two Birds Photography for the photographs and Brandi for the much-needed haircut [and the very cool Texas ring - impulse buy! I couldn't help it!!]