Friday, August 28, 2015

day of the dalek - an outfit

I've decided to open up the old Etsy shop again. Before roller derby became like a part-time job, I used to sew a lot. I made all kinds of pins and such - out of felt. It was relaxing. All that intricate cutting and stitching. :) And while my shop currently consists of a definite overload of state pride, I wanted to get extra crafty and try something new. But my confidence falters, and perhaps I'm not cut out for this new hobby.

What do you think? The ring below was handpainted by me. I have a few ideas, but recently started re-watching the Doctor Who series again now that the 8th season has been released on Netflix. I was feeling a bit inspired and did a couple Daleks. One in blue, and this one in red. The lines aren't perfect, but the Dalek is so detailed, I kind of like the artsy hand painted vibe it gives off. But then again, I'm probably a bit biased. [I also did this fox ring.] The hardest part is the resin! Oy!

Little Ray of Sunflower necklace  //  Dalek dress  //  handmade ring  //  similar red cardy  //  Cykochik clutch  //
Naturalizer oxfords  //  Flourish Leather wrap  //  Rocksbox bracelet  //  similar socks  //  Doctor Who travel mug

While it's still a bit too warm to wear outfits like these outside, I'm excited for the fall. Summer is wonderful and I love the tans, diving, and all-around traveling that come with it! But I also enjoy wearing layers. And even this little cardy was enough coverage to make me run back inside and into the air conditioning. :) Hot coffee in the TARDIS mug probably didn't help matters. ha!

But really, in the nicest way possible - what do you think of the Dalek?


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Retirement partying with ANEW wine

When one retires from roller derby, there's this little fear...will I see my "new" friends again? I'm such an introvert, it definitely passes through my mind often. Luckily, my friends aren't as hermit-like as myself. Upon receiving a shipment of ANEW wine I asked if they'd like to share my goodies and they were down.

Friday let me come over with my big ol' box of ANEW Riesling and Rosé. I brought a few light cheeses, crackers, and olives to go along with the blends - which she also had sitting out. Yummy! And some very pretty figs. Friday is very good with the presentation. Adding some delicious [and pretty] wine to the mix was the finishing touch. :)

We all drank from both bottles. Each blend was light and refreshing. Perfect for a hot summer night. The Riesling was definitely sweet, so we stuck to the Rosé. The fruity blend went perfectly with our cheese, olives, and figs. I think I'll save the Riesling for dinner some night. It would pair nicely with a salty dish - perhaps some pasta! Which I'm craving now.

It was so much fun! I figured we'd watch a movie together, or a show - but all we did was talk! About roller derby [duh], our "good" side [and why it's our good side??], there was even a lot of friendly advice passed around. At the end of the night - when we realized it was almost midnight - we made plans to hang out again. Thank goodness for active friendships [as opposed to my lazy butt!].

Thanks so much to ANEW wines for sponsoring our get-together. I wouldn't mind making this a tradition. Not one bit. And while there may not be free tanks, totes, and glasses to hand out each time, you can bet there will be wine! :)

How cute is this photo of Friday and Bronx?


Monday, August 24, 2015

farewell to the first day

Today is the first day of school for many, many people around these parts. Teachers make their way to work, ready to greet a new year of new kiddos. Their classroom is prepared, their syllabi are printed, outfits freshly ironed, giant smiles everywhere! Students make the bleary eyed journey, too. Excited and nervous - will they have a class with their BFF? Lunch? Is the famous Mr. Becker their math teacher?? :)

Welp. This year is different for me. This is my first year, since joining the full-time workforce 9 years ago, that I have not had a first day of school. But you know what's weird? I'm not even sure I want one at the moment.

While I deeply cherish the memories I made in the classroom [and out!], I think that my recent situation with bullying may have turned me off to the politics that come with education. Perhaps one day I shall return - maybe one day soon. But for now, on this first day of school, I am off to Europe. I am flying to Paris with my parents. Then Prague. And Madrid.

Treasure&Bond sweater  //  handmade ring  //  fox necklace  //  Cykochik Love Bunnies Tote  //
Little Ray of Sunflower rose pins  //  similar fedora  //  Shoemint rainboots

Join me on my travels!

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