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Monday, July 28, 2014

Danube Channel Street Art [part 2]

The Danube Channel that runs through Vienna is amazing. There is art covering almost every wall and bridge. Some of it is a jumble, and others are enormous detailed murals. I couldn't capture too much on my regular camera because of how close up it all was, which is why I made this post with photos from my phone. :)
The art was on both sides. Daniel, my parents, and I walked up one side for almost an hour, and down the other side. That is just a fraction of the channel's length! While we were on a bike tour a couple days later we quickly explored another section of the channel. Unfortunately I couldn't stop to take photographs. I accepted that I should just enjoy the view through my own eyes. :)
That building in the top right lights up in the evening. I didn't realize I captured it. :) We could see it from our hotel room, too!
Afternoon Delight top via Urban Outfitters  //  Pants via Urban Outfitters  //  Ugg flats  //  Manic Trout bracelet  //  Tumbleweeds sunglasses

[[Vienna day one]]
[[Vienna 2010]]

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Vienna, Austria

The day Daniel and I arrived in Vienna, my parents had taken a day trip. I wasn't sure when they'd return for dinner, so Daniel and I checked into our hotel and walked around the area.
We stayed in Hotel Viennart in 2010. The hotel is centrally located and really nice for the price. Of course the price has gone up a bit in four years, but if you book a few months in advance it's still a pretty low cost for the quality. The staff is super nice and they offer free coffee and sodas from noon to midnight. Needless to say, I took advantage of all that coffee. :)

By "centrally located" I mean it's right across from the Museum Quarter. We didn't spend too much time there this year because on our last trip we spent all of our time there. :) It was lovely to walk through the area almost daily, though. There are areas where you can lounge, cafes, shows, a lovely fountain....and museums, of course. :)

And then of course there was the beer. Daniel and I made it a point to try several Austrian beers while we were in town. I only lasted a few days. I love trying the different types and flavors, but dang if beer doesn't make you bloated. Making the switch to wine later on didn't hurt me any. :)

Eventually we met up with my parents. The following day they invited us on a "hop on hop off" tour bus. It was so much fun! Especially walking along the Danube Channel and photograping the beautiful street art. I'll be sharing that next! But here's a peek. :)


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

my favorite blue lips

A friend of mine told me about a shop in Spain that I just had to visit. :) I bought a couple other things that I will share at a later date, too! This top actually has a weird frill at the bottom, so it will stay tucked in for now. :) Blue lips, though? So cool!

Kling top  // Macy's bottoms [gift]  //  Shoemint oxfords  //  Reigruche Studio stacking rings and typewriter necklace

For real, I'm going to go edit the vacation photos now. I promise!

What are your favorite online shops?? :)