Tuesday, November 18, 2014

quick update

I swear I'm not choking her! But she may not be too happy...
Hi all! I've been a little quieter than usual [in my opinion] and wanted to say a quick hello! There's been a lot going on behind the scenes, but with the upcoming holiday break[s] I hope to get some really cool posts together.
Usually I feel like a fool for asking - but other than the feedback I received on the survey - anything else you'd like to see more of? I'm going to add a couple more "home tour" posts soon. Especially after Thanksgiving when I start working on Christmas decor. YEP. :)

Also, regardless if they see this or not, I really wish I could be in Miami this week. A few members of my family are struggling with sudden loss, and it breaks my heart to think of such great and kind people in so much pain. Please keep them in your thoughts and/or prayers

Monday, November 17, 2014

style your hair in under 20 minutes!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and it's advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CollectiveBias #HeartMyHair

I don’t always have great hair every day – it takes so much time - but it’s definitely possible now! I had plans to have dinner with my parents before heading out to a friend’s roller derby bout. She was making a grand comeback after 2 years off the track [serving as my coach!], so I needed to make sure I had my timing just right, and styling my hair usually takes an hour!

After a speedy shower, I grabbed my Conair Pro 3Q and went at it. I used my fingers, as well as my Conair Velvet Paddle Brush to detangle as the dryer worked its magic. Paddle brushes are my favorite because I can pull the most hair away from my scalp to blow it dry. The toughest part is the crown of my head, and with my fingers, and a few head-flips, I got it done quick. Using my cell phone as a timer, I finished blow drying in about 7-8 minutes!

On to the curling! I pulled back the top half of my hair and got to work. Laying 0.5-1 inch of hair into the Conair Curl Secret at a time, the iron drew in the hair, I held it for a couple seconds, and released into a beautiful curl. My goal was soft curls that I could finger brush into bigger, looser curls. For a tighter curl, just run some mousse through your hair beforehand. This process took between 8-9 minutes – another record! I did some easy styling by cross-pinning [making an “X” with two Conair Bobby Pins] on the right and left sides of my head. The following day I only pinned one side, for a slightly different look.

There are two ways I like to use the Conair Curl Secret: start the curl midway down your hair, or just curling the ends. When I wear my hair down, I usually like to style it real big, so I use the curling iron from the middle of my hair on down. For a pony tail, I shoot for closer to the ends [1/4], so it's not quite as poofy. [see photo below]

The most exciting part about the fast-action Conair Pro 3Q Hair Dryer is that, during the colder months, I don’t like going to bed with wet hair. It’s just too cold! I’m usually lazy and suffer through it, but now it will only take me about 8 minutes to blow dry my hair – ready for styling in the morning. Best ever.

Infiniti Pro by Conair® 3Q™ Brushless Motor Dryer 

Over the years I’ve learned to value quality beauty products, as well as the use of my time. With as much hair as I have, it’s important to take care of it, and with my schedule, the less time it takes me, the better. Most women have this same concern, and with the holidays coming up, I’ve already purchased an Infiniti Pro by Conair® CurlSecret for one of the ladies in my life [shhhh…it’s a secret!]. I’ve been using mine for months and definitely recommend it!


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Thursday, November 13, 2014


Also working on my appearance. Especially after someone commented about my wild hair...haha
Favorite stance much??

Working on: I've been working on my fitness this week! After a horrible funk, I started exercising again and did 4 days in a row. A friend and I signed up for a tame Crossfit competition and we're both trying to get ready for that [it's in December]. Another friend of mine teaches Pure Barre. I gave it a try on Sunday and still hurt so bad! I am going back this coming Sunday. :) Hopefully I can fit a few classes here and there into my schedule/wallet.

Anticipating: Thanksgiving break!! I'm going to paint again! Only this time I will be using gray to cover up a lot of green.... And possibly "TARDIS" blue since I have a bit of that leftover. :)
I'm also pretty excited about a couple sponsored posts that are coming up. Haircare, and ┼Źlloclips, and asianicandy, oh my!

Such a rough life...

Listening to: Lately a lot of NPR. I go through phases... That, and your typical top 40 hits. :) And how snooty fun is it to say, "Oh, I heard something about that on NPR this morning!"

Eating: Daniel has been purchasing our lunches for the week at Snap Kitchen. Dinner has mostly been leftovers from my mom's house, or a combination of things I've randomly made throughout the week. I need to get back into the crockpot mode! Also I joined another DietBet and need to lose about 5 lbs by December. I've got the work outs ready...but it's always my intake that hurts me!

Ever since she started knocking over her water bowls, she has to share with the dogs, which requires a bit of waiting in line.

Thankful for: I'm thankful for encouraging friends and readers. I hope that by offering giveaways I am giving back for all of your views and support. Maybe one day I can pull an Oprah: "You get a cat toy, and you get a cat toy! Everyone gets cat toys!" Or you know, Amazon gift cards. :-P

Reading: I've been lame! Instead of reading I have been spending my free time studying math! So I'm just going to paste what I wrote last month because it's accurate! If I Stay. It's pretty good! But I'm having trouble reading it in public. [see: sad] I also purchased another Jonathan Tropper novel. Maybe that should be my read-in-public book - he's pretty hilarious. :)

"Big screen" in the bedroom = giant Gilmore Girls!

Watching: Gilmore Girls - duh! :) I'm thinking about watching the Buffy series all over again, too.

Maintaing positivity: This chilly weather has put me in a great mood lately. Even today, when a couple friend and  I had something difficult to take care of, in the end we were laughing, joking, and making each other smile. And for the last month I've been walking my dogs before work every morning! What are you doing to stay positive?